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We started Thought Bulb because we just wanted to “start a company.” You know how proud you feel when you start a company, your own company! It’s an amazing feeling. But over time we realised that it is not a very strong reason, because it didn’t inspire us everyday. Although we were delivering experiential programs for large corporates, we knew we wanted a mission that could inspire us everyday. We wanted a bigger reason for our existence.

Who in the World we are?

Always ready to rock
Always ready to rock

It was then that we re-looked at our work and realised what we were doing. We even asked our team to share ideas on what truly inspired them at work. We picked cues from our training programs – we realised how we are enabling corporate teams break silo thinking and come together, we looked back upon times when we were able to blend business outcomes with our experiential workshops. In addition, we also deep dived into our workshop testimonials to figure out why do business leaders like our work! And it was then that we had our Aha-moment. We finally realised our mission. It took almost an year to realise that our mission is –

“To make learning experiential and fun for you.”

Why do we hate boring workshops?

After a tiring workshop
After a tiring workshop

Each one of us at Thought Bulb knows the pain of being glued to a chair forced to sit for an 8-hour powerpoint driven workshop. We know exactly how it feels when you are asked by your HR or Manager to sit for a program that is not engaging. We know it because we have gone through it.

We also know that our attention span is limited, the answer lies in our biology. Our attention span ranges from 20 – 40 min and that means if the learning is not structured with elements that appeal to the learner, he or she might get disinterested. And that’s why we hate PPT driven presentations and one-sided motivational talks.

One reason why you won’t like us?

So, if you are looking for a training agency that could deliver a PPT-based program, we are not the right people.

Should we blow our own Trumpet?

Looking for peace!
Looking for peace!

In addition, we are bad at one thing – we don’t toot our own horn! But we learned from Guy Kawasaki, when he said – “If you don’t toot your own horn, don’t complain that there’s no music.” So here is a brief about our work –

We are a young (and we have have people with grey hair as well) spirited team delivering experiential learning workshops for Corporates.

Our website guy, asked us to write a formal paragraph about our work, so if you are looking for something serious here is our About Us –

About Thought Bulb

When our team member gets a Mac
When our team member gets a Mac

The concept of corporate training has existed for a long time in India. However, due to lack of creativity and ingenuity corporate training till about sometime back was quite lackadaisical in the country with the entire model becoming boring and repetitive in nature. The essence of training was getting lost and something needed to be done about it and fast. At The Thought Bulb, we had always dreamt of doing things differently and it was with this concept in mind that we laid the foundation of one of the most creative corporate training companies in India.

We were aware of the situation and knew that in order to make a difference to the entire meaning of corporate training we needed to get out of our limited thought process, think out-of-the-box and initiate a culture-changing process. Thankfully we have been successful, and the credit goes to our team of inspiring professionals and our valued customers who trusted us with leading the change in their organizational gamut.

What we can do for you?

Research on a New Activity
Research on a New Activity

As a Human Resource or Training executive in your company, you have varied jobs to handle, corporate training being one of the major ones. Organizing a corporate training program – offsite or onsite- can be physically and mentally demanding. Such a goal-oriented session needs minute and intricate detailing and planning and needs to be aided by professional facilitators and operations. At the execution level too, it is challenging to keep up with the requirements of the session. And most importantly, as a member of your organization you need to be a part of the training session, enjoying and learning from it, rather than running helter-skelter to ensure that the event is executed with perfection. At The Thought Bulb we understand this dilemma well which is also one of the reasons why we are thoroughly trusted by our loyal clients. As one of the foremost knowledge-sharing and practical-learning corporate training companies in India, we take complete charge of the training program and work round-the-clock to ensure that your colleagues and management experience some of the most striking, upbeat and remarkable cohesive learning and training sessions leaving them motivated like never before.

how can we help you?

Planning a Team event is a tedious task. There is a lot of backend work for organisers like you! There is no time for you to experience the thrill because you are busy managing literally everything! Rather we want you to enjoy your event and give all the backend work to us. Let us dirty our hands and help you with a flawless Team Event! We want you to sit back, relax & enjoy the show, while we handle every small detail for you!

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