Why FUN is the Secret Ingredient of a Great Induction Programme


Usually, the processes involved in welcoming a new employee(s) into an organization are daunting for both parties involved. Making things less dreary during the program could help the individual settle in quickly, which would eliminate future issues. While it’s essential to take the induction seriously, you must not suck the life out of the entire process. It should be professional, as well as fun and organized. 

You must not suck the life out of the entire process. It should be professional

The induction programs are what makes or breaks the person’s stay at the company. So, to reduce problems from occurring later on, here are ten reasons to make the induction more fun;

It Makes the Inductees Feel More Welcome

The new employees might already be feeling apprehensive about encountering new people and taking on responsibilities. A good program would help them feel welcome to embrace their new roles and seek out help when necessary.

It Helps in Improving Morale

Sometimes, everyone might be feeling blue, so the program offers up an excellent opportunity to mingle with others and have fun. It improves the self-confidence of both the old and new staff. Have a look at our signature activity, the Showtime Challenge, that we recommend for new-joiner Induction:

Assists in Recruitment

An inductee, who feels comfortable enough with the firm based on the reception they got when they arrived, would be encouraged to ask other people to join the firm.

It Increases Productiveness

When the induction program motivates everyone, the level of productivity in the company will increase drastically. The saying that, ‘misery loves company’ is true in this sense because if the employees are depressed, the feeling spreads; reducing the level of output.

There’s Less Anxiety

Starting out a new job is usually a complicated process, and most employees feel nervous about their performance on the first day. It’s the job of the coordinator of the induction program to reduce their apprehension and make them feel more relaxed, and at ease. Have a look at this video, how these new joiners were welcomed:

Helps Them Forget their Problems

Laughter they say is the best medicine, and it applies to every aspect of life. A fun induction program would help everyone involved to be less antsy and worried about their various work crises.

There’s Less Office Conflict

When coworkers are happy and having fun, the rate at which they’ll clash with each other is significantly reduced.

It Reduces Employee Turnover

Well planned induction training not only briefs the individual on the dos and don’ts of the office, but it also makes them feel like a part of the team. This method ultimately decreases the amount of money and time spent on re-hiring and training new employees.

First Impressions Matter

If the new employees see that the firm puts effort into making their induction programs a success, it’ll show them that they made the right decision joining the company.

Ensures Retention of Staff

Hiring new employees is tasking on both parties involved, that’s why it’s crucial that the induction process goes smoothly to prevent the inductees from bailing early on. A proper induction reduces the problems that the employee might face during their stay at the firm.

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