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If you ever happen to visit the archaeological sites or the ancient temples of India, what is the one thing that seizes your attention? For me, it is a profound level of detail and fine craftsmanship. The sheer fact that people could create brilliant pieces of art and geometry without modern-day science or technology thousands of years ago. One of the finest examples of creativity is mother nature. Look around with curious sight, and you will find a creative expression in each work. We human beings are on the top of the evolutionary ladder, which means that we are the best creation on the planet till now. Which therefore plants the seed of a similar level of innovative genius in each of us.

However, have you unleashed the creative force within you, or are you still flooding in other people’s yields? Or are you somebody who does not have time to create something? Just review your daily pattern from the time you wake up till the time you go to the bed at night. You will be stunned to notice the amount of time and energy you invest in various activities. These products and services are the results of someone else’s innovation. How many times during the day do you check your social media account or use your phone to read the news that has nothing to do with you or people around you. Now let me share a few simple yet effective ways which will help bring the finest out of you.

Firstly let us start by decoding creativity. There was already a device to store and play songs and another device to talk and communicate with others. By combining both, Steve Jobs created the iPhone. So creativity does not always mean innovating something new out of the box. But, converging two different ideas and coming up with something new that adds value and significance to other’s life. Also, why do you wish to be a creator? Do you want to create something that gains attention and respect from society? Or you see it as a way of giving back by creating something that adds value to the life of other people. Whatever may be your reason, it all starts with rewiring your brain to see things from another perspective. Break the limited identity of a consumer in this fast-paced economic world. In the contemporary commercial world, large corporations and big brands want you to consume their products and services all the time. Irrespective of the fact that you need it or not. With so much advertising around us, it gets entangling to be expressive and creative.

Would you like to consume vegetables that are grown in the middle of a toxic dump? I assume that your response would likely be a no. In that case, how can you keep on consuming other people’s toxic dumps? Start with de-cluttering the things that you don’t need. Overabundance is a curse in today’s world, due to which many people are suffering. Be it the availability of technology or food. Assess how much quantity you need to consume and at what time. Keep things that you need to be productive and efficient. Plan your day and allocate time for each activity. Make time for activities that you have never done in your life. Do things that you don’t like. Things that challenge you and make you uncomfortable.

Never before in the history of humanity have we had the luxury of doing multiple things at such a quick speed. We can reach out to the entire world by just clicking on a button. We have the necessary technology available that enables us to share our ideas and communicate effortlessly. If you are the one who is waiting for the perfect moment to create, then this is it. Start documenting your idea no matter good or bad. Before you reach the best idea, start by exploring the not-so-great ideas as well. Have a vision for yourself. Where do you see yourself over time, and how do you plan to be there. For that, set goals for yourself. Not just the larger goals, but break your larger goal into smaller ones. Have daily objectives for yourself. Start giving yourself a daily quota. No matter what you do, give yourself a quantifiable target.

One of the most common challenges people face is how to source the ideas? Has it been bothering you lately while trying to create a solution for a situation? First, discover something you enjoy doing that gives you a purpose and energy to keep moving ahead. Find the source of your creativity. Consciously try and expand your horizon. Read not just on the topic that you relish but as many topics there are to be explored by you. Keep on challenging your mindset and belief system. Till centuries ago, people believed that the earth was flat. However, the fact that the planet is a sphere got discovered only when somebody challenged the age-old belief.

Amongst all creative people around you will find something similar. It is the repeated failures and their ability to learn from them. The more you create, the chances are that it may not be great, or others may not appreciate it. However, to invoke the creative genius inside you, never let failure become a hurdle in your path to creating something better. Look for feedback on how you can improve and enhance the quality of the results. Do research what is working and what people want. Try and find out the pain areas and the areas of opportunity. It is not about what you create but the impact you make on others. How is it enabling and positively empowering others? Not just fulfilling your passion, but also a way to evolve yourself beyond all the limitations and become a better human being.


Sources: Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly. “Flow” Harper Perennial: Publisher, 1990

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