Understanding the culture and trade of the organisation is the magic potion to create buy-in.

How do you create a buy-in for trainings at workplace?

Understanding the culture and trade of the organisation is the magic potion to create buy-in. The more you understand the business, the relation and trust gets better. Asking apt questions (we call it “training need identification“) at right time and platform provides input which turn out to catering the needs of the employees.

There is story that rhinoceros can’t see, they chase by hearing footsteps. If at anytime a rhino chases you, one must stop running and wait aside and allow it to pass by.

This not just knowledge, it is a life-saving story. What’s your story? Hearing stories to find out pain-points and telling stories to provide solutions. This approach is self-selling. There is no short cut to this process, it is a gradual process where input, output and it’s timeliness speak for you.

How do you motivate your leaders to undergo a training intervention?

Like every revolution, here also you have to be an example of the positive result of what are you selling. The key is to answer few questions – why is it required, what difference it will make, how will the output make a difference along with few examples. We have just the training intervention which helps you align with the outcomes you desire and they are time effective.

Tips for a budding HR professional?

Train oneself in lines of aligning oneself with business and contributing to optimising productivity. Your theories will be as good as the ultimate positive difference you make to workplace/business. Understand the work culture, ask questions, meet as many people, be approachable and be the first one to strike a conversation.

One HR practice that has always worked for you as an HR Professional.

Self-learning & Ownership

How do you build great teams within the organization? (Share a story)

By Balancing between love and law, words and silence, praises and censure, sweetness and brutal honesty.

Something about Steve Jobs is inspiring, how he fired the best designer because he was not passionate about creating multiple fonts design in the Word processor of Apple Operating System.

He said I don’t care if you are the best designer in the world, if you do not share the same passion we do for creating something remarkable for our customers please leave. He goes on, why are you still standing, I just fired you.

The best way to handle workplace conflicts? (Any example) 

Identify type of conflict. Once done, you win half the war. In my experience, the next step is to decide if the war is to be fought or not, and if fought, to wait or to action. Communication, patience and transparency work well in every scenario.

Personally I beleive, intent has also quite a role to play.

Disclaimer: The responses to the questions are solely the views of the interviewee as a professional and do not reflect that of the Organisation he/she works for.

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