Virtual Diwali Celebration

Virtual Diwali Celebration

Popular Virtual Activities for Diwali

Ayodhya Odyssey: Travel the lengths and breadths of the country on an epic journey to find the hidden journey of Lord Rama and key events that took place during the Rama’s return to Ayodhaya. Experience Diwali in the true spirit with a gamified odyssey around the story of Diwali played in 30 rounds.

Lights of the Country Challenge: This game encompasses the traditions and customs of various communities of India during the Diwali festive season. Collaborate with your team to unravel the cultural traditions of Diwali and its sister festivals. Explore how different states & communities celebrate Diwali with our Gamified Lights of the Country Challenge.

Ideal Duration of Diwali Celebrations

Weeklong Engagements: With Diwali approaching fast we all can agree that the celebration starts much earlier. How does a weeklong engagement sound for an idea? Great right! We at The Thought Bulb are right there to make sure you can bring your ideas to reality. We can help you bring your ideas to life by curating some high-energy, engaging, and small activities which can be done every day of the week leading to the day of the grand celebration. A weeklong engagement will not only keep the festive spirits high but also will keep them excited and waiting for the grand celebration on Diwali.

Day Long Engagement: A great idea would be having a day-long engagement on the day of Diwali. The day can be divided into 2 parts with the 1st half having some small and lighter engagement activities which will help to set the right energy for the 2nd part of the day. The 2nd half would be the heart of the celebrations where all the participants come together and celebrate Diwali in its true spirit which would be grand.

Half-Day Engagement: If you have a time constraint and wish to have a grand celebration, we at The Thought Bulb have some highly engaging activities which promise nothing less than a power-packed session. These sessions would usually last from 45-70 minutes. A short duration to celebrate the festival promises to be action-packed and all the employees leave with high energy!

Diwali Fun now at your fingertips!

We are pleased to introduce to you our home-grown gaming platform known as the “E-Skoops” which helps us bring team engagements now closer than ever to your fingertips. With Diwali around the corner, we have curated some power-packed and engaging programs and activities on the platform.

10 Fun Online Activities for Diwali Celebrations:

1. Minute to Win It Bollywood Tadka: An exciting series of some high-energy and competitive activities to complete in 60 seconds. The participants will be participating in various Bollywood-themed activities which would involve mimicking, acting, and signing and promises to be a highly engaging session.

2. Diwali Sweet Making Challenge: Celebrate the sweetness of Diwali festivities with the Virtual Sweet Making Challenge. Here the participants’ entire family gather to make mouth-watering sweets at home with the help of our professional Chef. The Chef will weave the magic of the sweet making session with live Q/A. This session is power packed with exciting questions and high engagement throughout.

3. Diwali Virtual Movie: Lights! Camera! & Action! The participants jump into action and make a fun movie on a topic given around the theme of Diwali. Each participant would have to take up the role of director, produce, and choreographer all in one. The Thought Bulb Team would be recording each of the movies and streaming them at the end of the program. The participants are surely given some great awards such as the Best Actress/ Actor, Best Dialogue, Best Costume and many more…

4. Art of Tidying up: With Diwali just around the corner it time to set the tone for the celebrations. With any celebration it’s important to tidy up, we know how boring that can be! We here at The Thought Bulb have just the right way to make it engage and fun with our tidy-up expert!

5. Raise a Diwali Toast: A perfect activity to kick of the Diwali celebration. A professional mixologist will guide the participants in making some amazing cocktails, mocktails, and some special Diwali drinks using some basic ingredients. The team will raise a toast to the season’s celebrations!

6. Virtual Rangoli Activity: Who says you need to touch colors for making a beautiful rangoli, we at The Thought Bulb came up with a safe way of making rangoli’s with your teammates from the comfort of your house with all new “Virtual Rangoli Activity”, work simultaneously to create your virtual rangoli design. We also have some gifts for the best designs!

7. Virtual Tambola Activity: What fun is Diwali without a little fun and games. We at The Thought bulb have just the right one for the occasion in Virtual Tambola Activity-The Indian version of the Bingo! An activity to make sure participants are high on energy throughout the session. Let’s see who gets the first full house!

8. Gratitude Wali Diwali: This Diwali brighten up the lives of people around youand show them how they light up your world by being a part of Gratitude Wali Diwali. In this task-based game, the challenges are quirky yet heartfelt and are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

9. Diwali Story Telling Session: This session brings back the memories of the good old childhood days of listening to Indian tales from our grandparents. Get lost in the world of Ram, Sita, Ravan, and many others to revive the spirit of the win of good over evil with the Diwali Story Telling Session.

10. Diwali Pooja & Performance: Join us to fold your hands in prayer this Diwali. The pooja would be followed up with a beautiful session of some live festive songs by our artists.

The true essence of Diwali can only be felt in togetherness. This Diwali bring your colleagues, shareholders, business partners, and the whole organization together and engage them in full of life activities and games by The Thought Bulb.

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