March 8th – Virtual Women’s Day Celebration Ideas

Top Virtual Activities for Women’s Day

Incredible India Treasure Hunt : The incredible India treasure hunt is an virtual treasure hunt in which the participants travel virtually across the country completing various challenges. The exciting treasure hunt helps participants learn some great facts about the country too.  Clink on the link here to see a sneak peak of the one of a kind virtual treasure hunt.

Go-Global Treasure Hunt : Another exciting virtual treasure hunt curated by the Thought Bulb team is the GO Global Treasure Hunt where participants travel the world virtually in the quest of completing numerous challenges click on the link here to get a sneak peek of the global treasure hunt.

3 types of Virtual Activities to celebrate Women’s Day

Women only engagement: An exciting session of virtual engagement can be arranged where all of your women employees can come together. The Thought Bulb has launched some exciting variety of virtual engagement to wow your female employees.

Mixed Engagement: Another great option would be having all your employees come together male and female alike to experience a session virtual engagement. Such an engagement would help drive team bonding and celebrate the special day in an excellent spirt.

Surprise Engagement: Who doesn’t love surprises! Thought Bulb has curated some amazing virtual engagement ideas where in the male employees surprise the female employees which promises to get the team closer and bring a smile on the faces of each one. 

Divas in Defence Program

This is a power packed virtual session designed at Thought Bulb. The session involves teaching women employees the importance and basics of self defence virtually. The session is led by a self-defence specialist  who will brief and help them learn certain techniques of defending themselves. The session promises to help feel women safer and leave with a great knowledge of how they can defend themselves in a situation.

Ideal Duration of Women’s Day celebration

Week Long Enragements : With the women’s day approaching fast on the 8th March, A week long engagement is an fantastic idea to have in place for the special day. The thought Bulb team can help you curate engaging and short activities leading to this special day. A week long program will keep employees engaged & excited for the grand event on the 8th of March.

Day Long Engagements : A great way to celebrate the special day would be by introducing a day long engagement. The first half of the day would have some light and fun engagement activities which will help set up the perfect energy for the 2nd half of the day, the 2nd half would be the main event where all the participants come together to celebrate women’s day in a grand way.

Half Day Engagement : With time being a constraint and you wish to make the day special. The Thought Bulb team has some great power packed engagement for half a day which usually would last for 45-65 Minutes. A shorter format to celebrate the women’s day but ensures that all the employees leave with high energy and great memories of the celebration!

Virtual Bollywood/Hollywood Night for Women’s Day

A fun filled and exciting engagement option for all the movies buffs. The session involves a trivia night on Bollywood/ Hollywood, the fun doesn’t end here the session will include some great challenges around singing, dancing, mimicking and many more! Also make sure you’re at best as it end with The Great ramp walk challenge.

What’s the right mix for a Women’s Day session?

Engagement Session: Making sure you have the right ideas is always important in planning an important event. We at the Thought Bulb suggest having a virtual engagement for all of your female employees. The virtual engagement will not help break them free from work stress but also help you build better team. For more visit

Speaker Session :  A great way of engagement would be inviting senior women member of the team and ask them to share their experiences. The senior women can speak about her journey and the dedication she had put in the place to rise through the ranks. The session can be really helpful for younger members of the team as hearing such stories & experiences motivate them to excel towards their goals.

Mix of engagement and speaker session : Another great way would be having an engagement would be having a senior member share her experiences with the team and another activity of fun and high energy to close the session. This would be great way of having a perfect virtual engagement session for a team.

Fun Online Activities for Women’s Day

Womania Virtual Minute to win it! : As the name suggest you got only a minute to win it! A power packed program for virtual engagement. There the participants have to complete some crazy challenges, the player who is able to complete most challenges at the end of the session is crowned the ultimate Womania champion!

Women’s day Virtual Movie Making : Bring out the best of yourself on the camera! An exciting session of virtual engagement which involves participants creating a script and performing their movies while the Thought Bulb team records the same. The session also included a movie screening and some amazing awards such as Best actress, Best Dialogue, Best movie are given away.

Women’s day Team Song : A musical challenge curated by the Thought Bulb team which promises to set the right tone for an highly engaging session of fun and togetherness. The session involves creating your own song on the given them. Make sure you hit the right notes as some exciting awards are up for grabs!

Personal Branding Sessions for Women employees

Brandingaza Program: Your brand is the gateway to you work! An amazing and unique engagement designed by the Thought Bulb. The session will be facilitated by a personal branding expert who will encourage and push the female participants to develop their personal brands. The session will cover basic principles of personal branding and an interactive session of question and answers. The session will surely will leave women feeling more empowered and oriented in developing their own personal brands.

Virtual gift ideas for Women’s Day Celebration

Virtual Collage: Each picture always has a story to tell. Here the male members create a collage of pictures with their female team members. The team may also share the stories behind the photographs and share a few words appreciating the team members. You can use or to help you make some amazing collages.

Designing E-cards: Another interesting idea would be asking you male colleagues to design a e-card with a picture and a few lines of appreciation for the female team member. This is a great way to let them know what value they add to the organization each day. You can use or for designing your own cards. They have a variety of templates to choose from too!

Virtual appreciation board: A virtual board can be shared across with all the male members, where they share a small thank you note for their female team members. The messages can then be shared with all the female member. This small but yet beautiful activity would surely bring a smile on faces of each women member in the team. You for creating a virtual board of appreciation.

Personal Thank you Note : Who does not love a personalized note! A great virtual gift would be sending a virtual thank you note to your female employees, this would make them feel valued and would share a great sense of appreciation. You can use or for designing your own personalized notes. They have a variety of templates to choose from too!

Wishing you a successful Women’s Day Celebration. Contact us for Trending Virtual Programs for Women’s Day

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