March 8th- International Women’s Day

Women's Day

Importance of women in corporate world

The nature and women are inseparable. There is no world without women. Post industrialization era, women have advanced themselves in all streams of the horizon. They have been competing with men in space too. We have legends in the corporate world, banking & Finance, space research, information technology, so on and so forth. Name it, they are there.

We have countless inspirational stories about women in the corporate world today. The most popular Sudha Murthy, Indra Nooyi, Naina Lal Kidwai, Kalpana Morparia and others to name a few have done India proud and continue to inspire us.

Brief on activities:

To celebrate the success of Women in the corporate world and the International Women’s day on March 8th, we can have a lot of engaging activities involving them.

Minute to win it games

Team TATA HEALTH - 13You can have your women employees participate in minute to win it games like


where they rearrange letters given to them,

State of Fun

where the participants have to tell the capitals of states before the timer goes off,


where they need to build words with the alphabets given, etc. all these are time bound and interesting. The winners can be given away surprise gifts like vouchers and cash prizes.

Health and wellness

You can have health and wellness challenge for your ladies to foster the need to stay healthy. You can motivate them to ride bicycles to work place, tell them to take stairs instead of elevators, fitness challenge, 10,000 steps challenge and many more. You can have winners in these and felicitate them accordingly.

Social Elf Challenge

JK Paper

Social Elf challenge another activity you can have for the fairer sex feel which can make them feel special. They can be provided with intriguing material to make unique bags, shirts and shoes with fun themes to gift to the underprivileged kids. Women are naturally more compassionate and adorable. So, they will feel motivated and indulge themselves in this challenge.

Terrarium challenge


The women employees form teams to participate in terrarium challenge which is more meaningful to them than to men. They are needed to build their own cute gardens in bowls with indoor plants. The ones who come up with interesting combinations and themes are declared winners. They can carry these terrariums to their homes or can keep them at their work stations.

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