June 5th – World Environment Day

World Environmental Day

Every 3 seconds the world loses forestation as expansive as a football field. Over the last few years, consumerism has grown exponentially and hence, depleted resources faster than ever before. In an attempt to bring some balance, the UN offered a global platform to inspire positive change through greener alternatives, sustainable products and environmental repair. 

The hashtags #Reimagine, #Recreate and #Restore have become some of the most used ones to drive environment based engagement among employees in the corporate world. 

Theme Based Virtual Activities for Environment Day


The Go-Green Documentary

Participants indulge in making virtual movies based on the theme “Ecosystem Restoration” in this activity. Once the participants have completed the activity, their movies are screened and rewarded in a highly engaging Award Ceremony, including unique titles like Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Dancer, Best Story, etc. 

Seeds of Success

Participants are introduced to the idea of microgreens and gardening at home. The activity’s objective is to help the participants grow useful plants at home and develop a deeper connection with Mother Nature. This also creates stronger peer relationships as they get to know each other beyond work-related topics and connect better.

The EcoRes Trivia

This activity is designed for highly energetic teams that love to solve problems and challenges. The virtual activity has a customised set of puzzles that teams must solve to win! It covers interesting and unusual facts, that leaves the participants rich with applicable ways of Ecosystem Restoration.

Make A Difference This Environment Day

Make A Difference This Environment Day

The Greener Alternative

Teams are invited to compete against each other with ideas around greener alternatives that could be used in the workplace. In this virtual activity, teams brainstorm and present their ideas that can make a difference. The ideas are then shared on Social Media of respective corporate firms helping others to cherry-pick the best-suited ones. Through the activity, teams are facilitated with skills like storytelling, presenting, innovating and networking ideas.

3 Ways To Create The Environment Buzz 

EcoRes Month Program

An innovative way to involve employees in a month-long engagement program where they compete against each other virtually. This app-based program is designed with varied challenges like uploading photos, videos and text messages around the theme. Teams will be presented with live challenges throughout the month. The highlight of this program is the Wall Of Fame- where teams can watch peers in action and celebrate small victories..

EcoRes Week Program

This is a shortened version of the EcoRes Month Program. Teams are encouraged to attempt exotic challenges around the restoration of Nature. The program will develop a strong team bond as they learn, apply and share new ideas, in a short span of time. Individuals also feel heard and recognised as they share their stories on the “Wall of Fame”.

EcoRes Day Program

A Day-long program is designed for employees to celebrate the special day. The program includes different experiences like Speaker Session, Knowledge Sharing, Team Building, Experience Sharing etc. The special day becomes an opportunity for the teams to take a break, connect and spend time together.

3 Amazing Virtual Gift Ideas for WED

The below-mentioned gifts can be easily ordered online to employees’ addresses, making them safe and accessible:

Team Building Sessions

One of the best gifts is an experience that lasts forever. Gift your teams a team building session that allows them to connect, create, and communicate with each other. Ensure that the events are filled with fun and laughter. Remote team building exercises also help employees to develop useful skills like collective decision making, problem-solving, critical thinking and many more.

Eco-friendly Usables

Considering Environment Day, alternate daily use items can be amazing gifts for employees. Eco-friendly items include toothbrushes, straws, water bottles, shopping bags etc. These gifts can eliminate the use of plastics and bring more awareness to consumers. 

The Eco-Kit

Kits including basic gardening tools, plants and pots are other ways of gifts for employees. These kits prove to be a kick-starter for people starting to grow organic veggies and microgreens.

Joy of Giving

You can gift your employees the Joy of Giving by associating them with organisations that work towards Ecosystem Restoration. This way you can help employees to contribute their part in restoring the natural environment.

World Environment Day- An opportunity for Virtual Induction

World Environment Day- An opportunity for Virtual Induction

If you have had new hires in your organisation recently, you can club World Environment Day and Virtual Induction to plan a grand welcome for your employees.

Renewable One-Minute Games

It is a highly appealing virtual activity with multiple rounds of Minute to Win it games. The games are customised as per the theme- Ecosystem Restoration. The materials used are easily available at home. Teams compete while attempting fun challenges like face drawing, logo making with vegetables etc. 

Mission Earth

Taking new joiners on a virtual journey to Save The Earth from an Apocalypse. Teams attempt real-time challenges like Ozone Depletion, Global Warming, Air and Water Pollution. The game is an amazing way to engage and entertain new joiners in a team.

Virtual Activities For Close-Knit Teams

Teams that have experienced some virtual events already, can take their experience to the next level with these activities on WED.

Food from Environment

Teams that are comfortable with virtual environments tend to be more open and interactive. Hence, this virtual activity could be one of the best for your employees. Participants in this activity are invited to debunk myths around plant-based diet and the role of food in restoring the environment. 

Moss Mural Challenge

The virtual activity facilitates participants to create their Art Murals using moss. The moss kits are delivered to the participants beforehand and then teams are guided to design creative art pieces. This is an amazing opportunity for teams to create art from scratch together.

Terrarium challenge

Teams are engaged in making designer Terrariums with basic materials available at home. The facilitators/experts help teams to pick waste materials from home and create beautiful gardens in a small glass bowl. This activity also gives participants gifts in the form of Terrariums.

This World Environment Day, create an interactive and immersive environment for your remote teams where they can understand the importance of restoration together through experiential learning.

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