February 28th-National Science day

Science Day

Science is a subject of talk across various quarters for eternity. It has significance with its application towards satisfying the needs of human beings while fostering the need to delve deeper to carve fruitful careers for many. Impressive and noteworthy inventions and innovations have been made in the areas like Augmented Reality, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Virtual Reality. These are buzz words for most of the millennials today.

Exciting activity ideas in alignment with National Science Day Celebration for your team

In order to stay on par with the advancements in the field of Science, employees must be motivated and pushed to acquaint and educate themselves on many areas like discussed above along with understanding the impact of VR and AI on the growth of businesses. Latest technologies like Automation, VR and AR will influence our living standards and may lead to another revolution in the near future.

Wonder Robo Challenge

This is really a wonderful activity as the name goes, where teams are formed to build fully functional Robots with selected sensors, motors and gears that are needed to assemble robots. They have a brainstorming session on how to go about the process where they have to follow the circuit built. They collaborate and compete to build impressive robots.

VR Bomb Squad

Technology and intriguing interests are put to use by the teams to diffuse designated fabricated bombs. The employees use Virtual reality glasses to guide their team members who hunt for the bombs planted in some locations. VR glasses are utilized to monitor and guide the members in finishing the task as per their plans.

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