Back to Work after Covid

With our lives and work slowly resuming back to normal. With many of us either working from home or working out of our offices, it has been a challenging time for each one of us. Keeping in mind the various factors we at Thought bulb have curated some exciting simulations and webinars to help organizations drive “Back to Work” in a positive spirit.

Experience our Back to Work Virtual Program that enables your team to make a smooth transition back to work. Here are the four key areas our Program covers –

Official Travel and on-road safety after COVID

Travel Essentials:  Mask and sanitizers! In the post Covid era these are the two things that have become and an indispensable part of our lives. As many of have now started travelling to work on a regular basis having a mask and sanitizer for yourself is of at most importance.

Safety on road/flight: With travel resuming steadily it is extremely necessary to maintain some basic safety protocols. Making sure you wear mask at all times, keep a safe distance from each individual, try to not touch high touch points such as bus handles, public area door and sanitize your hands at regular intervals.

Safety using different transport modes: It is extremely important to evaluate your mode of travel, as it may not only affect you but also your family members or colleagues at your work space. Keep away from crowded mode of travel, travel on lean times during the day & shift to private modes of non-sharing modes of travel if possible, to keep yourself safe.

Emergency Information: It is essential to keep all emergency contact numbers handy at all times.  It is also suggested to set up an emergency contact card in your mobile device, in case of emergency it helps others with your basic information and help them contact your family or friends without any hassle.

Safety Protocols in office for the new normal:

Safety Protocols in office: With workforces coming back to offices it is extremely important to follow all protocols to keep the team safe.  Norms such as social distancing, wearing masks, checking body temperature and sanitizing the work space on regular intervals should be followed to keep each individual safe.

Workstation Norms: Every workspace should continue to work on how social distancing can be implemented to keep the team safe. A specific spot should be assigned to each employee & regular sanitation should be done of the workspace.

Work from home safety: In case of an event where you are contracted with Covid, you must exercise utmost caution. Basic protocols would be having the home sanitized and isolating yourself from other members in the house. You must contact local healthcare authorities and keep them updated on your health at regular intervals.

Knowing safety stakeholders: During these unprecedented times, each individual is the stakeholder for their own safety. Each of us must exercise caution follow safety protocols to keep ourselves and everyone around is safe.

Safety Protocols in office for the new normal:

Evaluating personal health: With Covid-19 still very much prevalent it is important that each one of us give prime focus to our wellbeing more than ever before. It is important to be aware of one’s health and take precautionary measures as necessary.

Health risk at home: With the advent of the pandemic many of us have now spent countless hours indoors which has led to a drop in our immunities. As a precautionary measure we must keep a regular check on our health and report to local healthcare authorities at the earliest if we develop any symptoms of the virus.

Social Customs: Sharing of food and beverage items along with our peers is a very common practice which we all enjoy at our workplace but unfortunately the practice must be curbed. The sharing of any edible items leads to a higher chance of the virus to spread such a practice may have a negative repercussion.

Finding out your risk level: With business resuming back to normal it is necessary that you keep a track of every person you meet during these times. A pro-tip would be note down names and address of the person you meet, in the case of you or the person you meet has contacted Covid it will both of you. The norm of making a record of each person you meet helps in contact tracking of the virus.

Managing a COVID accident at workplace:

Types of Covid calamities: Covid calamities can be differentiated in two ways, direct case or indirect case. In a situation where either of these are discovered it is important to first of isolate the person with the virus, inform local healthcare authorities, get all employees tested and sanitize the workplace before work can resume again the premises.

Personal Safety Plan: The most important factor would be not to panic in any situation. In a case you have contacted the virus you must follow as the protocols, inform local authorities, inform your family and close contacts.

Creating a crisis message: It is important to have a message which shall include your basic information. You should be able to share this message to all our family members and close contacts if such a situation arises.

Leading a team: In case of Covid situation as a leader you must guide and help each of your team members to remain calm and positive. You must guide the team and share a positive spirit on the does and don’ts in such a situation. As a leader you must keep yourself calm and informed at all times to help you lead your team.

The Thought Bulb team has curated activities with a blend of unique simulations and webinars for your team this will help employees who have been working remotely for months to familiarize themselves with safety protocols, celebrate the team spirit of coming back and meeting each other once again and help them leave the fatigue of work from home. Connect with us to help you build better teams.

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