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Family that eats together stays together, and the team that plays together stays together.

Leverage the power of play with UNITE, a signature team building workshop which delivers lasting Results.

What’s special about UNITE?

The answer lies in the question, “Why do geese fly in a V Formation?”

They fly together to reduce wind resistance, so that they travel far with the same effort.

In the busyness of work, we forget that we work for one Organization. Rather we show allegiance to our departments, considering others as roadblocks to Performance.

Let us show what happens when you work together, through a blend of experiential team building challenges.

UNITE is a blend of Experiential Activities, Incisive Debriefs, and lots of fun.


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Planning a Team outbound, is a tedious task. Lots of backend work involved, there is no time for you to experience the thrill. We want you to enjoy the outbound and give all the backend work to us. We don’t deliver training workshops, we deliver a “flawless experience.”

It has been a pleasure associating with Thought Bulb Team. They invest time to understand the business requirements and align their creative interventions engaging all participants within a fun framework. The messages delivered through their interventions are subtle yet impactful.

Aarti Mansukhani
Regional HR Manager – South Asia, Marks & Spencer

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