Top 5 Offsite Locations Near Bangalore

Bangalore is the IT hub of the nation. It is home to many Multinational companies and startups. No matter how much you love your work, nobody says NO to no-work-days and fun team-building activities. Every employee deserves a getaway after the non-stop hours they put in at work! If you are planning your next offsite. Places around the city come in handy! Here are five offbeat locations near Bangalore that you need to visit!


1. Coorg

 Coorg, a hill station in Karnataka, is often referred to as Kodagu. It attracts hundreds of travellers each year to its well-known Tibetan Buddhist Monastery. Here, steep hills, abundant forests, and coffee plantations are the primary features. A well-known tourist destination in the Western Ghats is Madikeri, a hill town in the Coorg district. A 17th-century Fort with two stone elephants at the entrance guards the monument that serves as the Raja’s seat. Numerous visitors come to the area to see the nearby Omkareshwar Temple, a Hindu pilgrimage site.


2. Ramnagar

The iconic Bollywood film Sholay was shot in Ramanagara, often referred to as the land of Gabbar Singh, in the 1970s. Ramanagara, though, has undoubtedly evolved. It is a favourite among hikers and lovers of rappelling.

Many fans come here to climb a little among the well-known rocks.

3. Shivanasamudra Waterfalls

Also known as the BLUFF! This little city is located in the Mandya District (Karnataka). This waterfall, one of the larger ones in southern India, is 140 kilometres away from Bangalore. The water of the Cauvery River splits in two and drops out in the form of the Gaganchukki and Bharachukki waterfalls as it hops, skips, and jumps across the Deccan Plateau’s ravines. The sand-covered settlement of Talakadu can also be visited in conjunction with a journey to Shivanasamudra.


4. Anthargange Caves

A wonder world of caves. One of the well-liked pilgrimage sites in Karnataka is Antargange Hill. It is just 4 kilometres from Kolar town when you are in Kolar. Antar-Gange is a Kannada word that means “Ganga from Within” or “Ganga of the Deep.” There is a vast area of rocks and boulders there. The boulders are piled one on top of the other to create the appearance of a cave at the height of 1712 metres above sea level. This location is well-known for simple trekking and cave exploring because of its network of cave formations.


5. Kabini River Lodge

One of the most popular wildlife destinations in Kabini. Just 200 kilometres away from Bangalore. While Kabini is a year-round site open to travellers, the ideal time to see animals is from September to May. Between July and September, the forest turns a vibrant green.

The forests of Nagarhole and Kabini are a component of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, spread throughout the districts of Coorg, Mysore, and Wayanad. These were the exclusive hunting grounds for the former Mysorean monarchy, British viceroys, and Russian Grand Duchesses. Wildlife enthusiasts from around the world are drawn to this area by its extremely diverse range of flora and fauna, some of which are native to it. You can plan your boat rides early in the morning to catch the misty backwaters of Kabini and bird sightings. Later in the day, you can head out on the jungle safari and count your blessings if you spot the tiger.

An offsite near your city is friendly to your pocket and much needed by your employees. Choose their well-being today! Our top 5 destinations help you stay close to nature and rejuvenate without laptops and phones. Take your team and Invite the Thought Bulb team! We promise we’d have a blast together.

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