Top 10 Training Needs for First Time Managers


60% of new managers underperform during their first two years (Source: Ken Blanchard study). They usually do not have the benefit of “years of managerial experience” behind them, and therefore, they find it challenging to navigate through their new role. To make it easy for first time managers here are top 10 training needs for first time managers to be better at their jobs:

  1. How to Delegate Effectively: In the previous section we learned how delegation can enable a first time manager to get business results. You need to train your managers on the art of successful delegation, which is the first step to prepare them for managerial role.

  2. Be good at communication: Communication is the key when it comes to being a good leader. How to give right instructions, do expectations setting, conduct review meetings and give feedback, all requires great communication skills. Invest in your managers by making them undergo a training session on how to be great at communication.

  3. Problem Solving Capabilities: New managers encounter new sets of problems at different turns throughout their journey. Being better equipped with few tools on how to solve problems can come handy in here.

  4. Decision Making: New managers often stumble while taking decisions. It is because sometimes time is scarce, resources are few or simply lack of confidence. However, decision-making is inevitable. So, why not learn the tricks of the trade beforehand by learning different tools of decision-making.

  5. Conflict Management: Handling a team of varied personalities with different background and aspirations is a herculean task. Balance and harmony in a team is also must for the team to function properly. Here comes the onus on the new manager to ensure that he is able to keep conflict at bay within the team. Thus calls for a training session on Conflict Management.

  6. Visual Appearance & Positive Body Language: It takes just 7 seconds for you to create a First Impression which most of the times is your last impression as well. You must nail it right! Your outer appearance and your body language speak volumes about you before you even utter a word. Learn the art of dressing right and using power body language to your advantage to move up your career ladder.

  7. How to Network Right: Does your heart start to beat faster, palms get sweaty and you find yourself at loss of words at a networking event? Well, however you might deny; but networking right is going to be one of the crucial skills that you need to possess to go far. It’s better to start early! Enrol yourself in a networking session, learn the art and get straight to practice.

  8. Time Management: With so many things to handle; you will now be living on the edge most of the times. Managing your meetings with your boss, handling team issues, meeting deadlines, setting priorities- everything is going to take your time. Suddenly 24 hours might start looking less to you! Well, invest in a good time management training session to ensure that you keep any of the balls from dropping.

  9. How to give effective feedback: It is one thing to listen to feedback, it is totally another to give feedback! As a new manager, you need to be mindful of every word that you utter and the impact that it leaves on the listener. By the way, did I tell you being a good listener comes bundled up with the package of giving good feedback? You better the learn the art of giving effective feedback to be successful as a manager.

  10. Be a good motivator: As a new manager, you will have to wear several hats, one of them being a motivator. Your team’s morale and productivity depends on the happiness quotient of the team. And let us face it, everybody does not get motivated by the same rose! Hence, as a manager, you need to ensure that you are able to strike the right balance within the team and also keep yourself motivated at all times as the flag bearer.

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