Top 10 Off-Beat Gifts to give during a Training Program


Training programs are a blend of fun-filled activities followed with some serious learning. Not only do these programs promote development, but also, leave a lasting impression. However, what employees enjoy the most are “take-aways” received during the event. Considering the current corporate scenario, the approach towards gifts is changing drastically. Now, with the changing trends, it is essential for the organisations to lay an extra emphasis over selecting unique gifts for their participants. And so, we are here with few off-beat gifts suggestions to make your hunt easy:

1. Wireless Bluetooth Speakers:

Available in a diverse price range, it is an excellent gift which will certainly remind individuals about their training program during a long run. A tip – Try going for wooden Bluetooth speakers!

2. Digital Alarm Clock:

One of the most relevant and useful product – a digital alarm clock is an excellent present for the participants. A watch, with a technological transformation, will be highly appreciated and it will last longer.


3. Membership:

Though complex, but a unique gift for the participants is offering them with a membership of a club, society, food chain, gym etc. Such a present will leave a lasting impression on a participant!


4. Power Banks:

Power bank has become a necessity of routine life. And so, gifting a power bank during the training program is the smartest move an organisation can take. 


5. Bamboo Plants:

According to the Feng Shui, a bamboo plant, when offered as a present, brings immense luck for an individual. Gifting a bamboo plant will create a positive impression in the mindset of the participants.

6. Leather Passport Holder:

At times, handling passport becomes a hard task. A leather passport holder is trending nowadays, and presenting them to the participants as a corporate gift will certainly bring a smile on their faces and ease their burden of keeping their passport safe.


7. Sports Kit:

Almost everyone, nowadays, is involved in some or the other sport. A sports kit or set as a gift will be the most unique corporate present ever received by the participants. The kit could be of any sport like badminton, cricket, golf, etc.


8. Desk Lamp:

There are a range of exceptional desk lamps available across, which are emerging as a trending gift item. The lamps are embedded with LED lights and come in an exclusive range of designs


9. Fitness Band:

Caring for an employee’s health is one of the prime responsibilities of an organisation. Fitness Bands or Fit-bits are exclusive yet classy gifts for participants. They are durable and stay for a long run with participants.


10. Travel Bags:

Who, in the universe, does not require a travel bag? Of course every one of us does. Gifting travel bags during a training program will certainly delight the participants – After all who knows it comes as a surprise.



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