Thought Bulb Team did an amazing job with our JITO INTERNATIONAL EVENT attended by 200 participants from 22 countries. Energetic, flexible, focused, composed, he delivers the expected the outcome with very good preparation. I am pleased Thought Bulb Team was part of our program.

Sanjay Lodha
Chairman, JITO International

The Terrarium challenge by Thought Bulb was thoroughly engaging and widely appreciated by our target audience. It found its mark and reinforced the trust on sustainability, bringing in the due business angle. Full marks on both content and delivery!

Shilpi Suman
, Hero Moto Corp

At the outset I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for the entire program and the precision with which it was conducted. Special thanks to the team for their high energy, enthusiasm and spontaneity that helped us keep the crowd engaged throughout.

Mandeep Kaur
Vice President - Human Resources, LOTS Wholesale

Many thanks for organizing the wonderful “Chariot Challenge” for our team, it was not only a fun filled event but technically challenging at the same time. I must appreciate the level of energy you and your team had to engage the participants. Team was excited and engaged all the way from start till end, It was definitely a lot of fun and learning!!

Diksha Babhoota
Lead, Stryker

I must congratulate the Thought Bulb team for conducting such a great program for the batch during the 2½ days of workshop. I have been part of workshops before however I must admit this was the best one I have attended till date. The Thought bulb team has done a commendable job with you leading the charge all the way.

Kshitij Sharma
Manager | Human Resource , CP Avant Pvt. Ltd.

The workshop brought out innate qualities of participants, made me know my colleagues better. Energy and humour of the Thought Bulb Facilitator ensured that each one of us got involved in all activities despite the diversity in terms of age and qualification. Personally an enriching experience.

Archana Yallapantula
Dy General Manager (Learning & Development), Indian Oil Corporation Ltd

Nishit is one of the very enthusiastic, energetic and positive person I have ever met. He delivered Mega Connect Sessions for Oracle which covered over 400 young campus hires. He delivered the programs with great passion, energy and dedication. Participants had no single dull moment, it was a power packed performance by Nishit. Not only were there valuable takeaways for each one of them but also beautiful memories of the learning experience cherished.

Manjiri J Joshi
HR Global Organization and Talent Development, ORACLE

Nitin was the key facilitator for a team building workshop that was hosted in Bengaluru. His infectious energy, perfectly timed humor and ability to manage things on the go were so high points of the event. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the activity with minute details being articulated with brief descriptions. The communication piece was phenomenally managed. We had an enthralling experience as a program team to have worked with him on this workshop and we look forward to have him onboard for many programs here at Deloitte.

Shilpa Anthony
USI Consulting Development CoE, Deloitte

It has been a pleasure associating with Nitin. He is a thorough professional, always high on energy and matches it with quality content –the hallmark of any effective facilitator. He takes time to understand the business requirement and appropriately aligns his creative interventions engaging all participants within a fun framework. His enthusiasm during any intervention is nothing less than contagious. The messages delivered through his interventions are subtle yet impactful. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Aarti Mansukhani
Regional HR Manager – South Asia, Marks & Spencer

Each and every employee was delighted with the kind of energy level that Nishit was holding on the day of event. The engagement levels of Nishit were way too high, which in turn motivated the teams to open up and connect with larger teams. From start to the finish, the workshop delivery, content, ice breakers, messaging was just impeccable.

Bhawna Khurana
Associate Manager – Human Resources, GAP

I have observed Nishit’s workshops and on each occasion, I have been surprised to see the engagement he drives with large groups. At no point of time do the participants feel bored as he ensures to keep them energized throughout all the activities. With equal ease he can facilitate workshops for different audience segments – juniors right until senior management. Keep up the good work Nishit!

Mitali Chaudhari
Head – Talent Development, STRYKER

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