Pirates of Askabaan

Ahoy Pirates! Your Captain has been kidnapped!!! – You are all left in shock? In this activity participants experience an Augmen...

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Virtual Talent Show

You will be surprised to know that you already have a surreal singer, a yoga master, a dynamic dancer, a pillow fighter and many m...

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Team Karaoke & Musical

Discover the musical quotient of your team with Team Karaoke & live performance. In addition, enjoy a scintillating performance by...

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Mission Moon Lander

Lead your team to an exciting mission of conducting experiments on the moon. Handle difficult situations and team conflicts along ...

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Go Global Treasure Hunt

Hunt for the hidden treasure in a new city every time you experience the virtual adventure. Travel virtually to different countrie...

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Incredible India Treasure Hunt

Go on a digital hunt with your teammates in search of the ultimate team treasure in the virtual world. Use cues and clues to win. ...

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Virtual Bollywood Evening

Bollywood is wooing International audiences with its glitz and glamour, so why do we miss the fun! Experience a virtual Bollywood ...

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Virtual Movie Making Challenge

Have you ever imagined being a part of a movie? Have you ever imagined winning an award for the best actor/actress? Make your drea...

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Virtual Minute to Win It Challenge

Do you miss playing fun games with your team members due to the new virtual work culture? Introducing the Virtual Minute to Win it...

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Virtual Activities: FAQs

Top 04 Virtual Meeting Platforms For Online Team Building

Best Virtual Meeting Platform
  • Zoom (recommended): An excellent platform to host large size engagement programs. It hosts a facility of having 50 breakout rooms in one session. Participants can either be assigned automatically or manually to the breakout rooms, which can help in dividing participants into teams for Online Team Building Activities.
  • Google Meet: It’s a meeting platform in collaboration with G Suite. The platform can host up to 200+ participants at a time. It also has the facility of having hundred breakout rooms.
  • Cisco WebEx (recommended): An virtual meeting platform, it can host up to 1,00,000 participants at a time. It has also a facility of using breakout rooms which help in dividing the participants in teams. Participants can be assigned automatically or manually as per the requirement.
  • MS-Teams: Microsoft Teams as a platform can host up to 10,000 participants. 50 break out room can be created, participants can be assigned automatically or manually as per the requirement.

Types Of Online Team Building Activities

Best Virtual Team Building
  • One Way Activities: These activities involve a facilitator/ performer engaging the participants in various fun activities through a one way session. Some great activities which the Thought bulb team can host is the Cook along and Raise a virtual toast.
  • Individual Participation Activities: The Thought Bulb team has carefully curated activities keeping in mind the importance of engagement and learning for each individual during online team building sessions. Some great activities would be Virtual Tambola & Virtual Home Treasure Hunt
  • Team Playing Activities: These are web based programs curated by Thought Bulb for teams to come together and work towards achieving a common goal. These online team building activities can be conducted for teams with as small as 05 participants, with no upper limit on maximum participants. Some exciting activities would be the Go Global Treasure Hunt, Mission Moon Lander & Incredible India Treasure Hunt.

Occasions To Conduct Online Team Building Activities

Online Team Building
  • Virtual Offsite: With companies working from home, a virtual offsite is an exciting option which can explored. Teams not only have fun but it is an exciting way to catch up and socialize with fellow colleagues from the comfort of home.
  • Induction: In the new normal, companies have been recruiting new employees virtually. Organizing a virtual session for the new joiners would be a great way to get them introduced to the team. This would also help in making the new joiners comfortable to the new environment.
  • Celebrating Achievements: Having a virtual team building session for celebrating the achievements of a team is a great idea to boost morale. The session not only brings the team together but will also help in keeping them motivated to achieve more during these tough times.
  • Promoting Cross Cultural Bonding: Many organizations have employees coming from various cultures and different countries. It’s important to make sure all of them have a great bond and same winning spirt among them. Online Team Building activities strives to achieve exactly the same.

Benefits Of Online Team Building Games

Online Team Building Benefits
  • Reduce Stress: Working from home has led to lot of employees being anxious and stressed. An session of team building would be perfect idea to help employees unwind and socialize with other fellow colleagues outside of work.
  • Improve Moral: Engaging in various fun activities along with the team helps individual communicate openly, reveal shared values and help facilitate collaborative thinking among each other.
  • Promoting Work-Life Balance: Working for home has reduced the space between work and home significantly. With the help of employee engagement activities a balance between work and life can be promoted among employees.

Top 3 Activities To Drive Organisational Values

Experiential Learning
  • Virtual Movie Making: Lights, Camera and Action! 3 words to get any movie going. An exciting activity which involves making a short movie on organization’s values, all through your laptop screens. The activity helps to bring teams closer and exploring the hidden talent of acting among each other. The activity also has some exciting awards like Best Actor, best director and many more up for grabs.
  • Virtual Team Song: A activity which gets the musician in all of us to come out in the open. An engaging activity which involves the team to come together and create a song aligned to the Team Values.
  • Custom Virtual Games: The Thought Bulb team has a wide variety of virtual activities which can be enjoyed along with your team. We also readily customize virtual games and activities as per your requirements. Do you wish to create a custom virtual game? Contact us!

Costing For Virtual Activities

What is the Cost of Online Team Games

Some time back, a review by Deloitte stated that American companies had spent up to 1 billion dollars in 2017, in a bid to improve employee engagement. Employee engagement activities are an essential component in the cogs of an organization. These Online Team Building Games can become the driving force of the overall productivity and success of any company.

We at Thought Bulb understand the importance of fixing a budget for such virtual team building games and the vitality of adhering to it. Dependence on third party applications can increase the cumulative cost for any virtual team engagement session. Keeping that in mind, at Thought Bulb we provide you with 100% home grown applications and programs. Our internal tech team has programmed all our simulations required to conduct leadership workshops and virtual team building activities. Another benefit here is that a customer has the flexibility to customize the challenges as per their specifications. Many of our Online Team Building Games are hosted on Amazon Web Services servers, in order to keep your data as safe as possible. With all our web and app based programs being developed in house, we give you the highest quality authentic products at premium pricing, as compared to other training companies in the market that may depend on foreign/third party applications and products.

Device Dependency For Online Team Building Activities

Device compatibility for Virtual Team Games

There are times, when an employee’s will to work, can get affected due to the unavailability of the right kind of resources. Having the right kind of tools, will decrease the complexity of the work and encourage employee satisfaction.

Keeping that in mind, we at Thought Bulb knew the significance of creating and operating Online Team Building Games that can be facilitated across an array of platforms. We are happy to inform our customers that all of our web and app based programs and virtual team building games, can be accessed across all types of gismos. Starting right from desktops, to laptops, I pads, tablets and even mobile phones, our virtual team building activities and team engagement sessions can be utilized on any of these gadgets. All a customer would require is an uninterrupted internet connection and the desire to have fun!

Ideal Duration Of Virtual Team Building Activities

What is the Ideal Duration of Online Team Games

We provide our customers with the freedom to choose between three types of plan, so as to not limit their training sessions.

Plan 1: The first plan is for companies that are looking to organize a virtual team building activity or a leadership workshop, once in a while. These online games for remote teams can be anything from a fun, relaxing activity to an experiential learning based engagement program. You can also make it an eclectic mix of both, by choosing from the range of exciting virtual simulations that we have to offer, which are available on our home page. The ideal duration of such an intervention is 45 – 90 minutes.

Plan 2: This particular plan is for companies that are looking to facilitate a series of online games for remote teams over a certain number of days. For example, they can choose between our web link based programs (in which the participants can play the virtual games as per their convenience and availability) or our facilitated web based program wherein our facilitators organize these virtual team building activities over a set number of days.

Plan 3: You can even opt for a quarterly or half yearly program, in which online team building activities can be conducted all year round. These online games for remote teams can be orchestrated fortnightly or monthly, depending on the plan you choose. This can be nurtured into a rejuvenating virtual team engagement session where the participants can get together just to socialize and catch up or to re-examine their goals and upcoming campaigns in a game based format, every 2 weeks or every month based on the amount of time the participants can devote to the activity.

Benefits Of Having A Virtual Facilitator

What are the benefits of a Virtual Trainer

According to the book Corporate Performance Management, the main intent of a corporate facilitator is to bring an ‘unbiased objective’ to a typical virtual team engagement program. Competitive team building sessions often pits one employee against another and may result in the objective of the session backfiring and leaving the participants uninspired. Corporate facilitators are an important part of online games for remote teams, since their purpose is to maximize the full potential and aptitude of a group. Their focus is on keeping the team on track, encouraging the participants continuously and driving the discussion in a positive manner. They can bring their out-of-the-box vision to the table; create a comfortable and impartial environment for all and channel fiery moments into problem solving ones. They are dispassionate towards any type of stigma and can execute the virtual team building activities and online games for remote teams in a timely manner.

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