Mixology Challenge

Teams will be provided with their own Bar-Station with premium spirits and fresh ingredients. They have to make their cocktails wi...

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Local Flavors Challenge

Live like a local. Experience various local flavors including delicacies, drinks, culture and traditions to connect well with the ...

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Giant Puppet Challenge

Participants work in different units to create a larger than life ‘Puppet’ with the material provided. Once done, they must cr...

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Firewalk Challenge

Imagine using the ancient philosophy that been used as a test of an individual’s strength, faith, and courage. A philosophy that...

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The Olympics Challenge

To experience the Olympian spirit and rise above the competition in a series of challenges that test your intellect, ability, and ...

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Cooking Challenge

We are all emotional about food habits and tastes, but imagine what happens when a team of different individuals joins hands to co...

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Food Art Challenge

The objective is to craft creative designs on food items using carving knives and give a presentation of your work in the form of ...

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Participants battle it out in different teams and circuits using various weapons to smash their goals. Teams must shoot, break, bl...

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Million Pixels Challenge

Participants must paint the image provided on a canvass, which is then put together with other canvases in a specific order to for...

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Outdoor Team Building Programs

captivating learning-centric outdoor team building activities from The Thought Bulb

The outdoors is often the best place to rejuvenate and revitalize our energies. In fact, there can be nothing more refreshing than going out for a walk or exercising in the open. If the objective of corporate entities is to stimulate their employees meaningfully and purposefully than it is crucial that they engage their internal stakeholders in relevant outdoor team building activities.

What is so great about outdoor training?

  1. For one, outdoor activities provide for an invigorating break from the routine environment of a workplace. Usually it has been noted that employees get bored working in the indoor office space. Hence, taking them out in the open means severing the usual routine and taking them away from the associated pressures of their work environment.
  2. Outdoor team building activities are one the best ways to motivate and inspire the employees of your organization. Since the activities that take place in the outdoors usually tend to be adventurous and have the physical elements embedded intricately, these outdoor training activities help boost up the spirits and the energy levels of employees in the truest sense.
  3. Well-planned outdoor activities genuinely help improve the productivity levels and employee engagement of your human resources, one the biggest strengths of an organization.

Features of outdoor training modules from The Thought Bulb  

  • Our team building activities are innovatively and uniquely designed to meet differing requirements related to team building. From leadership development programs to employee engagement, there are about 127+ kinds of activities that have been devised in-house by us and introduced to our huge list of clienteles.
  • The quintessence of our outdoor team building activities lies in the fact that all the tasks are intertwined meticulously with the ambience of the outdoor environment. Thus, every team activity from The Thought Bulb take advantage of the freshness and rawness of the outdoors thereby enabling participants to freely and openly participate with no restrictions and limitations.

Outdoor training from The Thought Bulb is fun and helps de-stress your employees completely. The upbeat mood of our outdoor activities has mesmeric effect on employees helping restore their mental energies comprehensively.

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