Wonder Robo Challenge

Participants build a fully-functional Robot that can perform exciting tasks like racing, playing soccer and transporting clues to ...

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Firewalk Challenge

Imagine using the ancient philosophy that been used as a test of an individual’s strength, faith, and courage. A philosophy that...

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Social Elf Challenge

The objective is to design creative schoolbags and shoes based on various fun themes in the given time and resources. Later, the b...

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Million Pixels Challenge

Participants must paint the image provided on a canvass, which is then put together with other canvases in a specific order to for...

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Hercules Team Challenge

To undergo a breakthrough experience by challenging your mental limits in a three-stage Hercules challenge – Stage 1: Board Brea...

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Pyramid Challenge

Participants work in separate units to design & color their pyramid; once done, all teams must put together their pyramids to form...

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Build a Bicycle

Participants must assemble a fully functional bicycle within a specified time. The bikes are then gifted to underprivileged kids a...

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Laughter Yoga

To understand the benefits of Laughter Yoga and practice the same with your Team. The practice includes Meditation, Pranayama, Yog...

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Haka Face Off

To prepare a thunderous haka war-cry as a team. The mission is to express your team’s strength with a self-choreographed......

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Why conduct Motivational Activities?

The Thought Bulb – helping you keep your employees motivated

Employees are the most important asset of any organization and a key factor behind its success. It is imperative to keep them motivated and fire burning in their bellies to get the best results. It is for this reason companies plan and organize a variety of motivational activities for employees to ensure their continued enthusiasm.

Many times, it has been seen that despite hoping otherwise, the motivation levels of the employees reach a low point, which in turn catch on like a bad case of the flu. Even if you have complete faith in your company and what you are aiming to achieve, without your employees sharing the same enthusiasm, you will not get anywhere. It may result in decreased revenue, unsatisfactory customer service, poor performance, and spiraling brand reputation. To avoid such a scenario and to ensure your company achieving full potential, it is important to plan some motivational activities for employees.

The Thought Bulb, a leading corporate training company plans and delivers results-oriented motivational activities for employees that brings a remarkable change in their attitude towards their jobs. They feel re-energized and raring to go once again. These activities are planned in such a way that it increases the motivational level and productivity of the teams. It has been repeatedly proved that where monetary benefits and perks fail, motivational activities for employees do the magic.

As a forward-looking Corporate Training Company in India, The Thought Bulb has always worked hard on some inspirational work that helps employees come out of their dull and dreary existence and start working towards achieving organizational goals with renewed vigour and tenacity.

Backed with extensive experience and expertise in this niche, they have helped many organizations achieve objectives and results which seemed to be difficult. We understand the significance of an engaged workforce and how that drive within them can help them surpass their goals.

It is significant to understand that positive and negative attitudes can be highly contagious. Thus, the organizations need an enthusiastic and motivating work culture that allows employees to see their workplace in a positive light. At Thought Bulb, we can give additional support with well-curated and planned motivational activities that keep employees in high spirits.

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