Gully Rap Challenge

Gully Rap challenge brings out the artist in everyone through a high energy rap. Teams prepare, practice and come up with the most...

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Virtual Reality Squad Challenge

Save the world with your team using virtual reality technology! Teams experience latest tech-science through Virtual Reality devic...

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Minute to Win it

As the name suggests, your team just got one minute to win it! In this activity, teams go through multiple challenges, that requir...

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Mixology Challenge

Teams will be provided with their own Bar-Station with premium spirits and fresh ingredients. They have to make their cocktails wi...

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Wonder Robo Challenge

Participants build a fully-functional Robot that can perform exciting tasks like racing, playing soccer and transporting clues to ...

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Giant Puppet Challenge

Participants work in different units to create a larger than life ‘Puppet’ with the material provided. Once done, they must cr...

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Cooking Challenge

We are all emotional about food habits and tastes, but imagine what happens when a team of different individuals joins hands to co...

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The Big Ben Challenge

To use your problem-solving skills to build the tallest tower using marshmallows and sticks within the given......

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Beer Olympics

To network & connect over beer and win exciting beer challenges as one team in the given......

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Indoor Team Building Programs: FAQs

Indoor Programs for employees are the best for various reasons like:

  • They are easily deployable as employees need not travel to a different location to participate in the programs. Everything can be arrange in your Office
  • Chances of the event being halted are very slim as the weather will have no role to impact the commencement of the event
  • You can enjoy the Comfort of the Conference hall within your Office and don’t have to invest on facilitating a separate venue, arrangements for hospitality and other equipment

Top 3 Indoor Team Building Programs

  • Million Pixels Challenge: In this challenge participants are provided with an image on a canvass; and they need to paint it initially. Later, all the other such painted works of different canvasses are brought together to form a giant picture. This needs team work.
  • Terrarium Challenge: This is a great indoor team activity where the employees are needed to build their own cute gardens in bowls with indoor plants. The ones who come up with interesting combinations and themes are declared winners.
  • Throne Challenge: This activity is meant to grasp the ever evolving customer’s demands and expectations; where participants form teams to compete in building creative furniture goods. They need to discuss with each other before building the items.

Venue Requirements for an Indoor Team Building Program

  • Space needed: A Conference hall, training center, cafeteria, etc. we may need all of these to conduct the activities for various groups simultaneously.
  • Microphones, headsets and speakers are needed by the facilitators to officiate the proceedings
  • Projector and Mic: Speech clarity is important to create an impactful experience where a lot of interactions happen among all those involved
  • Chairs and Tables: For the comfort of the group, we will needed enough chairs and tables, just in case the activity is a table-top team building activity or participants can even do the activity on the floor/carpet.

Can Indoor activities be conducted outdoors?

Yes. The few things needed are adequate room to accommodate the participants, preferably a microphone with well-functioning sound system for music to energize the participants to participate fully.

A few indoor activities that can be conducted outdoors are

  • Giant Puppet Challenge: Participants work in various teams to create giant ‘Puppet’ with the material provided to them followed by hosting a unique Puppet Show.
  • Social Elf Challenge: Participants design theme based school bags and shoes for the underprivileged kids., followed by donating them to the underprivileged kids after giving a presentation of how the work was carried out to the judges.
  • Pyramid Challenge: In this, participants are given a task to design and color their individual theme based pyramids. At the end, all these pyramids are brought together to form a giant pyramid.

Top 3 Table Top Indoor Team Building Activities

  • Million Pixels Challenge: This is a popular indoor team building activity where employees realize the significance of team work. Each of them creates an image on a canvass and paints it. At the end, all the images of different canvasses are joined to form a giant picture.
  • Lost Dutchman Goldmine: It is a popular team building worldwide which aims at collaboration and communication. It speaks about the tendencies to store information.
  • Wonder Robo Challenge: This challenge needs participants to build fully operational Robos with sensors, motors and gears needed to assemble. This again is a indoor team building activity as the teams have a brainstorming session on how to go about the process.

Best Indoor Team Building activity for Networking

  • Beer Olympics: This is a popular activity that fosters networking between teams and peers. It is all about going on a drinking spree to have a ton of fun and start networking with a lot of individuals.
  • Mixology Challenge: In Mixology activity, teams have dedicated Bar-stations consisting of fresh ingredients and premium spirits and with these along with the assistance of an experienced Mixologist, the teams concoct unique cocktails and drinks. A great one for networking.
  • Cooking Challenge: This is another interesting indoor team building activity where they team up with peers to cook some interesting delicacies and have them tasted by their bosses and other teams. This activity not only helps in networking but also creates a congenial work atmosphere.
  • Food Art Challenge: This activity aims at coming up with artistic designs on food items with carving knives followed by giving a presentation of the work by a storytelling to the judges.

Top 5 Indoor Team Building Activities on Collaboration

  • Million Pixels Challenge: Employees feel the significance of collaboration when they are made to undertake a huge task that needs team work. In this challenge participants are provided with an image on a canvass; and they need to paint it initially. Eventually, all other such painted works of dissimilar canvasses are gotten together to form a giant picture.
  • Pyramid Challenge: Participants are assigned a task to create and color their discrete theme based pyramids. They need to collaborate to make the best without losing any material and all these pyramids are joined to form a giant pyramid.
  • Giant Puppet Challenge: Participants work in independent groups to build a large ‘Puppet’ with the material given and then they have to create a unique Puppet Show by collaborating. This is done through storytelling with these puppets. This is helps in achieving the goals for individuals as a team.
  • Symphony Challenge: Participants make groups to create a unique musical rhythm with the assigned musical notes. This is a team event and cannot be achieved independently. They must collaborate, synchronize, and perform together to make a triumphant Symphony. Collaboration, Team spirit and Creativity are the outcomes of this great challenge.
  • Domino Challenge: A domino rally is crafted by participants who collaborate through tiny teams. At the end, all these small rallies must merge into a giant rally like a relay sprint event in Olympics. As the rally ends, teams realize the importance of Change Management, Growth Mindset and Power of One Team.

Creatively designed indoor team building activities

The best part about team building activities is that these can be organized, both indoors and outdoors. The availability of space, sound and acoustic requirements, group size and of course, the type of activity becomes the core decision pointers for choosing an indoor venue for indoor team building activities or an outdoor venue. Of course the weather and the month also need to be considered before going in for an open space like a lawn or a garden and an enclosed space like a conference or a meeting room.

Essence of corporate indoor games

  • Indoor team activities are usually indulged in when the theme and the objective of the activity is to stay focused because often in the open, distractions are one and many.
  • Indoor Team Building Games for employees are also ideal when the learning for the employees revolve around stepping out of their comfort zones and try something new or indulge their creative instincts.
  • One certain advantage of indoor team building activities over the outdoor ones is that these can be organized impromptu, there and then, inside the office with some basic preparations. Such activities can also be participated by one and all while outdoor activities are more enjoyed by employees who have the right physical aptitude and love the outdoors.

Why us?

The Thought Bulb is a premier training company offering some cutting-edge and professional corporate indoor games. Par excellence quality with meaningful learnings for employees, our indoor activities are substantially different without any duplication available in the market. This is because we believe in improvising and customizing our portfolio of indoor team building games for employees from time to time and for our valued customers.

Having worked in the training industry for some good years now, we understand that indoor activities aimed at strengthening the bond and working between teams can be boring and tiring for individual employees. Hence, we design and implement our activities in our own distinct way that makes things interesting, appealing and are filled with lots of light-hearted amusement.

For energizing and stimulating your teams meaningfully through our personalized indoor team activities, speak to us today!

how can we help you?

Planning a Team event is a tedious task. There is a lot of backend work for organisers like you! There is no time for you to experience the thrill because you are busy managing literally everything! Rather we want you to enjoy your event and give all the backend work to us. Let us dirty our hands and help you with a flawless Team Event! We want you to sit back, relax & enjoy the show, while we handle every small detail for you!

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