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CSR Team Building: FAQs

Corporates moved ahead from the times of industrial revolution in 20th century. They are looking beyond building their businesses. Many organizations are delving into social issues apart from focusing on quarterly benefits and profits. They want to give back to the society by contributing towards a specific social cause that can benefit any oppressed section and strive to make this world a better place.

For instance: TATA stands at the top of the CSR mountain in 2019 with an agenda for sustainable development in rural india.

Ideal occasions for conducting CSR Team building activities

What are the Benefits of CSR Activities
  1. Induction Program: Corporate Social Responsibility Activities during induction programs sets the right chord for the new joiners to embrace their new organizational culture. Here, Music Maniac Challenge can be right fit where new joiners assemble ukulele, create melody and in the end, gift them to kids or schools for music lab.
  2. Off-site: To facilitate bonding and reduce stress in employees off-site CSR activity serves right. Teams sense the “Joy if Giving” together and feel responsible towards society. Through our Social elf challenge activity teams come together to make some unique theme based shoes and school bags. Then, these bags and shoes are gifted to kids through an NGO.
  3. Leadership Conference: A leadership conference gives an opportunity to business heads to network and exchange views with likeminded people. It creates wonders when the intervention is married to an activity that helps them find the “bigger why” of their presence. A Wonder Robo Challenge CSR activity lets teams build Robos with sensors, motors and relevant gears. It exhibits Leadership while orchestrating various tasks to make it happen.
  4. Office CSR Days: CSR initiatives can be kick started in Offices too. In order to create bonding between teams from varied departments, you can have a Bicycle building challenge. Bicycle building challenge is very effective as the teams interact and collaborate with other groups to gather the tools needed to assemble a bicycle. Later, these bicycles become the first bicycles for kids.

Benefits of CSR to you and your team

Who are the Beneficiaries of CSR Activities
  1. Sense of Purpose: An act of CSR develops a sense of contentment into a team. Teams are creating an avenue to satisfaction and motivation. They realize the value they create to the society with Corporate Social Responsibility Activities and hence feel more responsible.
  2. Employer Brand: It is needless to say that an organization will gain a priceless brand, once it fosters the need of CSR through the teams and pave way to other companies to follow suit. teams do good, make others also appreciate it and emulate. Adopting troubled families of farmers who committed suicides can be a great gesture that will instantly enhance your brand.
  3. Making a difference together: A noble act, when initiated; leaves a great impact on everyone in and around the environment. You and your teams can together become the torch bearers of a great cause and make a difference to the world.

Inclusions in the CSR team building activities

What are different CSR Gifts
  1. Logistics: Planning a CSR intervention can be a little cumbersome since there are numerous elements to arrange for instance, material for the activity, resources to get the material ready for usage (by kids), kids who can make right use of the products, travel, food and safety of the kids etc. The list is endless, hence thought bulb makes sure everything is taken care of after the first call.
  2. Kids from empaneled NGOs: Thought Bulb shall make the arrangements for the kids to be present at the venue of the CSR activity, if the event is not planned at late night. The kids will be ferried to the venue by Thought bulb.
  3. Pictures and Video Summary: Thought Bulb will take care of recording the CSR activities while in progress during an event. The same shall be processed, edited and presented as a 2-3 minutes short video after the conclusion of the program. The Client can use the video to promote their brand on any chosen platform.

Duration of CSR Team Building Activities

  1. Mini Programs (30-60 min): The duration of the Corporate Social Responsibility Activities can vary from 30 to 60 minutes based on your need. Thought Bulb shall partially prepare the tools, material and equipment needed while the teams convert the semi-ready present the same to underprivileged kids, personally.
  2. Comprehensive Programs (2-3 hours): Comprehensive CSR team building activities are ideal for full-day interventions, where the participants/teams design the products from scratch and such activities give them a sense of fulfillment. As always, these creations are gifted to wonderful kids.

Our Pricing

Our total fee is segregated as two components:

  1. Facilitation Fee: The facilitation fee for Corporate Social Responsibility Activities is arrived at based on the number of participants (teams), date, duration and venue of the event.
  2. Consumable Material Cost: The cost is calculated based on the number of products designed/built/crafted.

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