Wonder Robo Challenge

Participants build a fully-functional Robot that can perform exciting tasks like racing, playing soccer and transporting clues to win the ultimate battle.

Icon Activity Type Indoor/Outdoor
Icon Best for team size 20-200 pax.
Icon Difficulty Level Med-to High

Activity Details

Challenge: Teams brainstorm on various parts like sensors, motors, gears and body along with the roles of the robot. Teams show creativity in assembling the right parts and assigning the right tasks according to the circuit built. Once done, they collaborate with few teams and compete with others for the ultimate challenge.

Results: This activity highlights situational leadership while handling new tasks, enables people to showcase problem solving skills and promotes collaborative environment at workplace.

Debrief: Collaboration, Big Picture Thinking and Problem Solving.

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    Learning Outcomes


    Big Picture Thinking

    Problem Solving


    Table of Contents


    1. Are you ready to work with Robots?
    2. Why Organizations are investing in Robotics?
    3. Robotics Team Building Activity in India
    4. Wonder Robo Team Building Activity


    Are you ready to work with Robots?


    At the beginning of 21st century, robots working with human resources sounded like a far cry but we are at the door step of it becoming a reality, now. Robotics is transforming businesses across industries.


    Are your employees ready to explore the world of Robotics? Do they know how Robotics can change the way businesses are run? Are your employees aware why robotics is significant in the new decade that just dawned upon us?

    Why Organizations are investing in Robotics?


    Companies are swiftly edging towards robotic automation for valid and wise reasons like:


    • Lessening Costs for Businesses: The cost of manual labor lessens when manpower is replaced by automation. This is a boon in the instances where some hazardous tasks can be handled by robots and humans can be shifted to harmless zones for safer jobs.
    • Improved excellence and precision: The efficiency levels of many tasks go up as the scope for manual errors is virtually removed.
    • Continual workflow: The production can be carried out round the clock as robots don’t relax like human beings. This leads to a new chapter after the industrial revolution started in the previous century.
    • Customers enjoy enhanced involvement: as the scope for manual errors comes down, the customers attain better service and satisfaction. This means marketing costs fall too.
    • Robots accomplish intricate tasks: robotics has a place today even in the labs of Scientists now because critical tasks can be accomplished with 100% accuracy.

    Robotics Team Building Activity in India


    One unique Robotics team building activity that has become very widespread in the recent times is the Wonder Robo Challenge. Robotics Team Building activity motivates teams to build fully operational Robots, and other devices that can bring together teams. It sounds exciting but needs proper planning, necessary tools and equipment to make it happen, eventually. This becomes more exciting when it is time bound. Teams can be formed randomly or consciously based on the Manager’s guidelines. The ideal time needed to complete this activity successfully is around 2 hours. Prior to the kick off, all the teams are briefed about the rules of the activity along with providing everything they need to participate and then flag off the Wonder-Robo Challenge.

    Wonder Robo Team Building Activity


    Based on the need of the hour, multiple teams can be encouraged to build their robots and get ready for a robot challenge or combat. The major components of a robot usually are: Controller, Mechanical parts and sensors to monitor the robot. Using these and any other additional components the robots are built. Communication skills, team work, leadership traits and unity are exhibited by teams to beat the other teams in the robotics team building activity – the Wonder Robo Challenge. Once the robots are ready, they collide head on to win the challenge. The Team Building Activity is a visual treat as there can be multiple rounds in the challenge making the entire scenario look like a real battle of warriors. This robotics team building activity gives inspiration to individuals and teams to emulate the fighting spirit while at work and exhibit leadership traits when needed in their careers. It is also an opportunity for your employees to have a one on one with the future of technology.


    Now that you have gathered all the information required, kick start your intervention with this exciting activity and be the game changer of your team!

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