War Machine Challenge

Teams battle against each other to win over kingdoms in a series of challenges, using their self-constructed war machines.

Icon Activity Type Indoor/outdoor
Icon Best for team size 20-500 Pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Medium

Activity Details

Challenge: Team members take up different roles to protect their kingdom and win the ultimate battle. In the first of 3 phases, they plan and delegate roles and responsibilities among the team members. Second stage is the building stage – teams construct War Machines as weapons to win the battle. In the last one, they attack the other team’s castle on the battle ground to win the war.

Results: Teams trust and play on each other’s’ skill sets and hence develop situational leadership qualities during the activity. There is a great scope of breaking SILO and understanding team members’ strength.

Debrief: Strategy making, Situational Leadership, Competitive spirit

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    Learning Outcomes

    Strategy Making

    Situational Leadership

    Competitive Spirit

    WHY War Machine Challenge?

    Table of Contents


    1. Win Kingdoms using Trebuchets
    2. War Machine Team Building details
    3. Benefits of War Machine Team Building
    4. Your experience of Activity with Thought Bulb


    Since time immemorial, mankind has been involved in waging wars to conquer wealth & kingdoms, to increase boundaries of lands, to avenge humiliations & treachery, to destroy civilizations and to win the love of their lives. What is the significance of wars in modern world? World Wars I and II annihilated and destroyed millions of people across the world in 20th century and nobody wants world war III today.

    Win Kingdoms using Trebuchets

    To be precise, wars must be fought to safeguard one’s territory and people. Our War Machine Challenge is aimed at motivating teams to battle against each other to win over kingdoms in a sequence of challenges, using their self-built war machines.

    War Machine Team Building details

    In this team building challenge, participants assume various roles to defend their empires and win the eventual battle. It is divided into 3 phases, where the teams plan and delegate roles and accountabilities among the team members, in the first phase. The Second phase is the building stage, where teams make War Machines as weapons to win the war. In the final phase, they attack the castles of other teams in the battle zone to win the war.


    This indoor/outdoor team activity gives rise to situational leadership and creates the need to work in teams in every phase. Silo mentality is driven out while understanding the strengths of team members.

    Benefits of War Machine Team Building

    Problems that are addressed in this challenge are: Strategy making, Situational Leadership and Competitive spirit

    1. Situational Leadership: As the name goes, situational leadership is the need of the hour during critical situations and those who come forward to lead the show in tough times, become the leaders, instantly. War Machine challenge creates this need to make leaders based on the situations, who plans usage of resources, keeps time in control and manages the team.
    2. Strategy making: Talent in itself is not good enough to win battles and history has many examples to prove this. Trojan War was won because of the strategy designed by Ulysses. Weapons without brains cannot win wars. Our challenge gives rise to making strategies to win it, eventually.
    3. Competitive Spirit: There is no fun in winning or losing, if there is no competitive spirit involved. Teams enjoy a healthy competition while striving to win their challenge. War Machine challenge is one such instance where the participants display competitive spirit to win the battle.

    Your experience of Activity with Thought Bulb

    Thought bulb team defies all odds to create many first of its kind activities in order to make the events memorable for the employer and employees. War Machine Challenge was aimed at breaking the monotonous working style of work force and creating fighting spirit in their minds. The event is bound to break their mental barriers and come out openly to battle against other teams in order to win the challenge. We make it interesting and gripping for you always. There are many more to come for you.

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