Vision Board

Vision board is a powerful activity with an objective to express oneself to the team. Participants create their own vision board depicting their values, goals and persona. Using visual elements they reconnect with their inner self.

Icon Activity Type Indoors or Outdoors
Icon Best for team size 3-3000 pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Low

Activity Details

Challenge :Participants are provided with assorted magazines and boards to start the personal discovery process. They pick and cut pictures around their values, goals, & persona. They decorate their vision boards and give it a personalized touch that helps them discover their inner beliefs and values. In the end, they creatively express their story using the vision board.

Results :Once these boards are made, the participants share and express themselves to others; it provides an excellent opportunity to connect with your team members.

Debrief :Self-discovery, Team Bonding, Empathy

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    Learning Outcomes


    Team Bonding


    WHY design a Vision Board?

    Table of Contents


    1. Do you know your team well enough?
    2. Vision Board Team Activity
    3. How it helps in driving team synergy?
    4. Why The Thought Bulb?


    You receive a birthday list of the month from the HR to find that it’s your favourite colleague’s birthday who you really like because she has always been very cooperative and has a strong personality. You want to let her know that she is special to you but you are confused at the idea of an ideal gift for her because you hardly know anything about her. You don’t want to make a boo-boo of yourself; you so wish you knew her better.

    Do you know your team well enough?

    Such situations occur when you don’t know your colleagues well. It is not only about gifting them their favourite stuff but it may also help coordinate well. With time, employees learn about their colleagues but what happens when they are new to the organization? The HR or the management cannot handover a list who’s who of all the employees; hence, the Vision Board, one of the most interesting employee engagement program from The Thought Bulb.

    Vision Board Team Activity

    Introduction is made easy through Vision Board. This interesting team building activity has been designed keeping the new employees in mind. In relation to what is mentioned above, the activity focuses upon knowing your colleagues better. Vision board is an indoor and outdoor activity. Vision board is all about expressing oneself with creatively using different designs and pictures. Teams need to select and cut the pics from the magazines provided based on their personality, values and goals. The participants are required to decorate the Vision Board using their creativity in a manner that it tells their story; the activity helps them dig up their inner beliefs and values. Once the boards are ready, all the participants showcase their Vision Boards to others and express themselves. The idea is to connect with each and know each other at the same time.

    How it helps in driving team synergy?

    This indoor and outdoor team building game is a lot of fun undoubtedly. Most of the times, the participants find the allotted time not enough as they so want to express themselves using the best of their creativity skills. It is important to know the people you work with; not only to increase your friend circle but to be able to perform on each other’s strength. While creating the Vision Board, the participants may end up discovering a new skill that they never knew existed. Apart from self -discovery and connecting with colleagues, the game also emphasizes on team bonding and empathy. When you learn about others’ weaknesses and strengths, most of the times you end up empathising and you find a connect and bond. What else can one expect while joining an organization for the first time!

    Why The Thought Bulb?

    The Thought Bulb is one of the best companies for corporate training in India. We design exclusive team building activities, indoor and outdoor team building games and activities, employee engagement programs and outbound trainings; and we take pride in being the leaders of executing corporate trainings in the country.  While we concentrate on the new hires, Vision Board is an interesting team building activity designed by The Thought Bulb that caters to important elements of professional life.

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