Virtual Movie Making Challenge

Have you ever imagined being a part of a movie? Have you ever imagined winning an award for the best actor/actress? Make your dream come true with our Virtual Movie Making Challenge. Convert your imagination into reality by directing a movie in the virtual workplace.

Icon Activity Type Virtual
Icon Best for team size 3-100 Participants.
Icon Difficulty Level Intermediate

Activity Details

Challenge: Participants work in smaller teams to craft a fun 2-minute movie by recording funny clips along a story line. Seems tough, right? Don’t worry! Team members play the role of director, producer, choreographer, actor and actress to work together virtually and craft a compelling movie. Teams are guided through the process of knitting the clips together to produce a beautiful movie on a custom theme. The themes can include organisational values, key behaviours or any custom theme. Once done, teams are invited to a virtual award function to felicitate the winners!

Results: The activity brings out the directors, actors, actress and storytellers in your team members. Creativity is the key ingredient to craft an engaging movie. To craft a good movie teams must communicate and collaborate on the starting and ending points of different recordings. The best part is that the movie can be saved and shared within the organisation.

Debrief: Storytelling, problem solving and communication.

Activity video

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