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We all remember our first jobs, right? We have all been new joiners in an organization, at some point of time in our lives. The quintessential new kids on the block. Can be quite an alienating experience, we’ve all been through that. Well, how about we say, not anymore!

We have yet again come up with a creative and fun new way to conduct the induction programs for your employees – A Web based Induction Game.

Icon Activity Time 20 min – 2 hours
Icon Activity Type Web-Link Based Game
Icon Group Size 02 - 2000.
Icon Activity Level Intermediate

Activity Details

Joining the bandwagon of corporate team engagement, game-based induction programs are especially fruitful for all the tech savvy people out there. Corporates are slowly moving away from those boring, old learning videos and those raggedy training manuals, as a means of introducing a new employee. They are adapting to new age tech being strategically inculcated as a means to train, teach and reward their employees and in turn, magnify employee satisfaction and organizational growth. Game based e-learning, can provide the flexibility of exploring and thinking out loud, engagement, reward and recognition and most importantly a smooth transition into the company.

How to Gamify Induction Program

Here’s why having a program like this, can innately endear the organization, to new employees:

  1. Provide a breezy and conducive learning environment.
  2. Allows the learner to set their own pace.
  3. Cost effective (ding,ding,ding!)
  4. Ensures employee engagement.
  5. Helps memory and retention.
  6. Helps to categorize, comprehend and track information.
  7. Appeals to individuals of all age groups.
  8. Recognizes the effort of an employee and hence, increases the overall productivity of the organization.
  9. The onboarding process is inherently stress-free and convenient.

Game based induction programs, create an interactive and immersive experience for employees and today we are talking about the latest addition to this trend, a Web based Induction by Team Thought Bulb. Read on to find out, how it works.

Step 1: Let us build your Induction Story

How to Gamify Induction Program

We build an induction story around your Organization or you can use our existing storylines. We would script out your storyline to include the challenges you would want your team to overcome. The activity can be devised to inculcate your organizational values, ethics and principles and formulate a systemic induction simulation for your newcomers.

Let’s now delve deeper into understanding why you should opt for this particular induction program (or more of, what sets it apart from the others). All of Thought Bulb’s web-based games are hosted on Amazon Web Services servers. So you can rest assured, that your data is absolutely safe and sound. You have the liberty to customize your story based on the policies, processes, values and the company history and basically, make it as interesting as you would want it to be. A welcome video message and some office pictures are appended in the program, too. Quite a lively welcome for the newbies, we think!

Step 2: Train the Trainer Session for HR/L&D

Now, if you are wondering “All is well and good, but how in the world do I operate this?” it surely wouldn’t be a surprise if we say, they’ve got you covered? A ‘Train the Trainer’ session is part of this program, for the folks who would like to drive this activity internally through their Human Resources or Learning and Development teams. The game link is provided to the HR and well, Come out and Play!

Step 3: Play as Teams or Individuals

You can enlist the employees to play as individuals or even as teams, if they’re feeling particularly brave, haha! The user interface is easy to handle and relaxed, with images, videos and GIFs being incorporated. The challenges are facile, with the user being given the option to choose between single answers or multiple answers (MCQ style). Multiple rounds have been encompassed into the game (all the way up to 40), to make it as exciting and engaging as possible.

You have the free rein to select your game name, based on what principle you would want to ingrain in the novitiates. You can choose from an array of themes like team spirit, team goals, leadership, change or even a simple celebration! Go all out and make it as fancy, or, as whacky as possible!

How to Gamify Induction Program

All in all, game based engagement has definitely favored the magnification of learning and development of an employee’s characteristics and we rightly believe so. Benjamin Franklin once said “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will learn” and well, he was the founding father of the United States. Clearly, he was onto something and you should be too!

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