Virtual Hackathon

Hackathon is a combination of two words – ‘hack’ and ‘marathon’. It’s an event where people come together to solve business problems. It sparks creativity in the team and helps everyone orient themselves to solving problems quickly. Participants use Thought Bulb’s hackathon framework to crack multiple challenges within a given timeframe and come out with innovative workable solutions.

Icon Activity Type Virtual
Icon Best for team size 3-100 Participants.
Icon Difficulty Level Intermediate

Activity Details

Challenge: The participants go through a common briefing on Hackathon processes and framework. The participants are then divided into teams and provided with resources needed to solve the problems. The problems can be either provided by Thought Bulb or the teams can identify the problems and use the Hanckathon tools to crack the problem.

Results: Participants surprise everyone by coming up with unique solutions that can be applied almost immediately at workplace. This is an opportunity for business leaders to harness the potential of their employees and fix common problems faced on the ground.

Debrief: Problem solving skills, problem vs solution mindset, creativity.

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    Learning Outcomes

    Problem solving skills

    Problem vs solution mindset


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