The Throne Challenge

Participants battle it out in a face-off to build furniture items by understanding the ever-changing Customer’s needs.

Icon Activity Type Indoors or Outdoors
Icon Best for team size 3-3000pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Medium

Activity Details

Challenge: Participants work in teams to craft original furniture items. They must discuss, debate and come to final design and structure of the furniture. Participants must ask the right questions from the Customer to come up with the best possible design. But at last, the question is – “Can they delight their Customers?”

Results: Participants build unique furniture items which are tested on creativity, comfort, & lastly, customer rating.

Debrief: Creativity, Presentation Skills, Customer Centricity.

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    Our Client's Say

    Learning Outcomes


    Presentation Skills

    Customer Centricity

    WHY the Throne Challenge?

    Table of Contents


    1. Customer Centricity Team Building Activity
    2. Learn Customer Centric behaviors
    3. 3 Problems this activity can solve
    4. Your experience of Activity with Thought Bulb


    Thrones remind us of the era of monarchy, coronation, chariots, crowns and kingdoms.  Out of these, thrones signify the power of kings and emperors. Those who sit on thrones were respected as Gods and Goddesses as they were the icons of power, governance and administration. They still hold good today as we have similar expectations from the heads of states and our employers.

    Customer Centricity Team Building Activity

    Throne team building challenge is an activity aimed at realizing the ever-evolving customer’s demands and expectations; where participants form teams to lock horns in building unique furniture goods. They need to discuss before arriving at a decision to build the items. Also, they must learn what the customer wants and then go ahead with the task.

    Learn Customer Centric behaviors

    Participants work in teams to build innovative furniture objects. Without any doubt, they are needed to debate and arrive at a conclusive design before making the furniture. Participants have to ask the apt questions from the Customers to craft best possible designs. Nonetheless, the question is – “Can they delight their Customers?”

    3 Problems this activity can solve

    The Indoor/outdoor team building challenge is quite appropriate and timely here as the supremacy of the participants is assessed by the customers who are going to judge the furniture created. They must be impressed to give top marks for the designs. The furniture items are tested on creativity, comfort along with customer rating.


    Creativity, presentation skills and customer centricity are the outcomes of this activity.

    1. The designs are created keeping in view the most perplexing interior thoughts and demands of customers. None knows what they may like and what they may detest. Hence, creativity is the trait on acid test for the participants in this challenge.
    2. Most of the international brands have been successful for their presentation along with their quality. Unique products of the popular brands like Forest Essentials, The Ordinary, Snact and Thinx are super hits with customers because of their creative packaging designs and presentation. So, presentation skills must be looked at very cautiously.
    3. Customer centricity is always expected even when not conveyed openly. We don’t create products for ourselves. We make them for customers after studying their needs and expectations. So, customers are kings always.

    Your experience of Activity with Thought Bulb

    Our team of Thought bulb is in a perpetual journey with the clients to study and understand their dynamic needs to keep their workforce intact and engaging, so as to retain them without much pain and shocking eventualities. We conduct corporate workshops and meetings regularly to study the ever-changing needs of the employees and come up with activities that can be refreshing and thought provoking. Your experience with us will always be intriguing and unique. We are your partners in your journey to success and excellence.

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