The Olympics Challenge

To experience the Olympian spirit and rise above the competition in a series of challenges that test your intellect, ability, and team working skills.

Icon Activity Type Indoors or Outdoors
Icon Best for team size 10 – 500pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Medium

Activity Details

Challenge: A three-stage challenge is designed that makes it an emotional experience for the group. The first stage allows teams to charge up their energy through a thundering war cry, followed by a march past. The second stage is the test of their spirit, where the teams battle it out in a series of spectacular challenges. It ends up in the third stage when the participants experience the Olympic kind award ceremony.

Results: Team work, Strategy, Speed of Execution.

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    Learning Outcomes

    Team Work


    Speed of Execution


    Table of Contents


    1. Olympic games for Breaking Workplace Silos
    2. Olympic Games for healthy Mind, Body and Spirit
    3. Different types of Olympics for Team Building
    4. Olympics Team Building Activity to Get 10X Business Results
    5. Beach Olympics Team Building Activity with Thought Bulb
    6. Olympics with The Thought Bulb


    Olympic games for Breaking Workplace Silos

    Sports is the heart of ever evolving cultures and civilizations. In 20th century, we witnessed the unification of East Germany and West Germany in 1990 followed by a unified German Sports’ contingent that participated in Barcelona Olympics, 1992. That historical unification inspired many to unite. Sports have the strength to bridge gaps between individuals and nations too, occasionally. This was reiterated again when the global sports ‘community witnessed the marching of the athletes from North Korea and South Korea together in the opening ceremony of 23rd Winter Olympics, in Pyeongchang, South Korea. That gesture drew the attention of the global media and sports lovers.

    Olympic Games for healthy Mind, Body and Spirit

    Researches are evident that physical activity is directly proportional to productivity. “A healthy body complements a healthy spirit” is a well-known phrase. This cannot me more accurate than today’s scenario. If we have a look at the lifestyle of an ordinary employee, it is far away from a healthy one. Eventually, this lifestyle shows an impact on the productivity and as an HR professional, it becomes critical task to entail physical wellness to enhance work-life balance.

    Different types of Olympics for Team Building

    1. Indoor Olympics – unique games are designed taking into consideration the space requirements.
    2. Outdoor Olympics – games that can be conducted in the lawn of the hotel/resort property.
    3. Beach Olympics – specialized activities that can be conducted on the beach.
    4. Poolympics – it’s a series of activities that can be played in the pool.
    5. Beer Olympics – best way to network with your colleagues over beer games.


    Olympics Team Building Activity to Get 10X Business Results

    • Perseverance: Teams have individuals with discreet traits but learn to unite keeping aside their differences when they have a situation to handle whether it is a project deadline or a sports challenge. They tend to sleepwalk into their roles of players to perform well and come out as winners. The same spirit will be reiterated in their work related challenges in future.
    • Time management: Many global projects fail because of poor time management. They always lag in at least one of the triple constraints; majorly time. When a task or a challenge is time bound, individuals are forced to stick to the schedules given to them. This is very ideal and the biggest reality of any sport. Lazy people also are forced to transform into thorough professionals when their tasks are time bound every day.
    • Learning to rise above after failures: The spirit of modern Olympics itself talks about fair play, mutual understanding and accepting failures gracefully. We can also remember our Olympics Challenge that rejuvenates the spirits of employees as they experience the fever and atmosphere like Summer Olympics where the winners and runners are awarded in a ceremony.
    • Understanding the sense of accountability: A task in a project or a sporting event is a responsibility in itself. Individuals experience the sense of accountability as they are enveloped by expectations to perform better than before.
    • Accepting constructive criticism: Those who are open to feedback and constructive criticism shall emerge as winners, eventually, as they focus their energies on realizing their shortcomings and working diligently to build their strengths.
    • Leadership: Sports are an obvious platform to witness the emergence of future leaders. Therefore, it is really meaningful to host sporting events to identify future leaders of an organization.
    • Self-discipline: Last but not the least; a successful professional is a standing example of a disciplined life style. Self-discipline is one of the key traits of a successful sportsperson and a successful individual.


    Beach Olympics Team Building Activity with Thought Bulb

    Beach Olympic Challenge is an exciting activity for your team if you are looking for a high-energy intervention. The outdoor team building activity enables you to dive deeper into the skills of your team as it involves challenges that requires different competencies and skill sets. For instance, a challenge may require more of team coordination while the other one can be higher on strategy. Beach Olympics is very popular in India, especially in cities like Goa, Kovalam, Chennai, Vizag, Mumbai etc.

    Olympics with The Thought Bulb

    As an HR professional, you can plan this activity for your team for various occasions for example; National Sports day, World Health Day, World Heart Day etc. Experience the high energy set up of olympics with your team at your preferred location along with The Thought Bulb. What are you waiting for? Contact us!!


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