The Idea Ring

To bring down a hula-hoop from a height of 5 feet to 5 cm above the ground (with a few constraints) as one team in shortest possible time. Sounds easy! It’s not! Out-of- the-box thinking plays a key role.

Icon Activity Type Indoors or Outdoors
Icon Best for team size 3-100pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Intermediate

Activity Details

Challenge: Teams need to come up with different ideas in order to achieve the target. The challenge is to work as a team and come up with different solutions. Teams ideate, strategize and give each other trust to achieve the final objective. Teams need to clearly communicate their ideas and empower each other in the process.

Results: Teams build trust among themselves while exchanging their ideas. It helps participants develop a leadership mindset to get work done.

Debrief: Growth Mindset, Courage, Communication

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    Learning Outcomes

    Growth Mindset



    Why The Idea Ring

    Table of Contents

    1. The ring of ideas
    2. Fixed mindset to growth mindset

    The ring of ideas

    As someone wisely said “an idea can change a life”, every idea can lead to some invention or discovery or script stories of successes. The need of the hour is to conceive any idea that can lead to a leap in the success journey of a company. Growth Mindset, Courage and Communication are the three outcomes of Idea Ring Challenge.

    One must have the courage of conviction to take an idea to the next step by executing it with proper planning. In the idea ring challenge, the participants are expected to reduce the distance between a hula-hoop and the ground from 5 feet to 5 centimeters at the earliest. This may sound simple but has some challenges. It can be made possible through creative thought process and unique ideas that should be exchanged among the teams and members.

    Fixed mindset to growth mindset

    Out of 1000 ideas conceived in the laboratories of product companies, hardly tens of them see the light of the day. This clearly means that there are deeply inbuilt communication channels within those companies. Idea ring challenge endorses the same.

    Any idea can reach the world only when its creator declares it to the world courageously; worrying very little about the consequences. In Idea ring challenge, teams communicate the ideas they create among other teams by trusting all the parties involved.

    It is obvious that individuals or organization can move ahead successfully only when they exchange ideas, have growth mindset and focus on leadership skills. idea ring challenge fosters this thought process.

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