Cooking Challenge

We are all emotional about food habits and tastes, but imagine what happens when a team of different individuals joins hands to cook a three-course meal together! It becomes exciting when a team has to decide on the ingredients, plan of action, and strategy to win the cooking face-off challenge.

Icon Activity Type Indoors or Outdoors
Icon Best for team size 3-3000pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Medium

Activity Details

Challenge :This experience is truly outstanding for a highly interactive morning or afternoon event. In a span of 90 – 120 minutes, teams must come up with delicacies that can mesmerize the judges. Teams go through an auction process to earn the ingredients, communicate with other groups to swap what they need most, and have fun while they do it.

Results :Participants leave with lip-smacking delicacies that seemed impossible at the start & they learn what it takes to succeed as a team.

Debrief :Sharing information, Resourcefulness, Creativity.

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    Learning Outcomes

    Sharing Information



    Why Cooking Team Building Activity?

    Table of Contents


    1. What do employees take away from the Cooking Team Building Activity?
    2. Conclusion


    An organization is an amalgam of different departments including human resources, finance, marketing, sales, operations etc. Synergy is the most important ingredient delicious business results. Cooking Team Building Activity is one of the most popular training methods adopted by known organizations. This activity is a perfect blend of fun and team bonding for employees.

    What do employees take away from the Cooking Team Building Activity?

    Learning to embrace uncertainty: Due to constant market changes, teams often encounter new circumstances at workplaces. This indoor/outdoor team building activity aids teams with different types to approaches to changes and new situations.


    Optimum usage of resources: The ingredients are not served in a plate to the teams, but are auctioned. So teams earn resources to cook a delicious 3 course meal. What if a team loses the auction? No ingredients, no meal or they come up with creative ways to arrange the resources is an interesting thing to witness!


    Presentation: All the efforts, brainstorming and hard work behind an organization depends highly upon the customers. The more customer-friendly the product is, the better. This team activity urges employees to put themselves into customers’ shoes and then look at the world. Isn’t this amazing?


    Crisis gives rise to leaders: Responsible employees or leaders always come forward to take control during crisis. An unexpected challenge or sudden lack of resource most of the times give opportunities to the right people who are always looking for opportunity to rise and most of the times deliver better results than usual. It is an effective way of leadership because it adapts to the team’s needs and sets a beneficial balance for the whole organization


    The Cooking Team Building Activity is designed to bring together people from different backgrounds to create magic recipes. Limited ingredients that they get during the auction is what makes the activity more exciting. Communicating with other groups and sharing their requirements and needs to complete their target is the whole idea behind this indoor team building activity. Cooking Team Building Activity is all about sharing information, Resourcefulness, Creativity.


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