The Big Ben Challenge

To use your problem-solving skills to build the tallest tower using marshmallows and sticks within the given time.

Icon Activity Type Indoors or Outdoors
Icon Best for team size 20-500 Pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Easy

Activity Details

Challenge: Teams use creative strategies and innovative methods to craft a plan. They brainstorm on different aspects like base and upper part of the tower. Teams try out various designs each time to achieve the goal. This is quite challenging because team are provided with limited resources and time.

Results: This activity enhances problem solving skills and creativity of the team. They show consistency by trying multiple times to achieve the final outcome.

Debrief: Strategy making, Problem solving skills, Consistency

Activity video

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    Our Client's Say

    Learning Outcomes

    Strategy Making

    Problem Solving Skills


    Why The Big Ben Challenge

    Table of Contents


    1. Build the Big Ben!
    2. Create & Innovate to make it possible
    3. Why Thought Bulb?


    Build the Big Ben!

    Big Ben reminds us of the Great bell of the Striking clock in London, which is one of the tallest clocks in the world standing at a height of 315 feet. Similarly, the activity is focused around building the tallest tower with marshmallows and sticks within a time limit.

    In order to design a unique plan, teams come up with groundbreaking approaches and creative methods to make the tallest tower possible. Teams indulge in brainstorming with respect to major points like the base and upper part of the tower. Again, Big Ben challenge is tough due to its constraints of time and resources provided. Varied designs are tried out to accomplish the task.

    Create & Innovate to make it possible

    Strategic thinking is the key to winning Big Ben challenge as the allotted time is less and the teams must shortlist a design quickly and get on building the tower.

    Multiple iterations are inevitable in achieving this goal. Hence, teams acquire problem solving skills and exhibit their creativity to execute the task successfully.

    Being consistent is one of the demands of Big Ben challenge as the teams keep trying multiple times to arrive at the final satisfactory outcome.

    Why Thought Bulb?

    The objective of the activity is to infuse creativity into the teams through experience. Hence, our expert trainer plays a crucial role in asking the right questions and facilitating the teams to try various methods to achieve an outcome. The trainer uses real-time examples to relate the experience to workplace enabling the participants to be more creative at work.

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