Terrarium Challenge

Participants create their own team’s garden in a bowl; they must be creative in designing one because they must follow a carefully crafted process. An excellent activity on care, passion and growth.

Icon Activity Type Indoors or Outdoors
Icon Best for team size 3-3000pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Low

Activity Details

Challenge: Imagine undergoing challenges to win plants, décor items, etc. and crafting your own Team’s Terrarium. The teams must come up with a creative story using the 3Cs of Storytelling – Character, Conflict, and a Clear Theme.

Results: SURPRISE! Once done, the teams can place the terrariums at their office cafeteria or take it home as a gift. Terrarium becomes a visual reminder of the Training session and a key takeaway.

Debrief: Creativity, Speed, Storytelling.

Activity video

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    Learning Outcomes




    Why Terrarium challenge

    Table of Contents


    1. Garden in a bowl!
    2. Create from scratch
    3. A memorable takeaway


    Garden in a bowl!

    Terrariums have been successful in creating a safe haven for plants to grow in hot and cold weathers throughout their transparent glass walls. Plants are an instant stress buster and gardening can fulfill troubled souls with ecstasy and serenity anytime. Creativity, Speed and Storytelling are the key takeaways of participating in the Terrarium Challenge.

    Create from scratch

    In Terrarium challenge, teams join hands to create theme based bonsai gardens using indoor plants of their choice. They brainstorm to come up with fascinating ideas and themes before building terrariums. The most remarkable ones are adjudged winners eventually, in the Terrarium challenge.


    Fulfilling regular employment duties can be demotivating many times. Terrarium challenge is a great opportunity to fight the monotony in work atmosphere and becoming creative for an interesting purpose.

    A memorable takeaway

    The Terrarium challenge leads the teams to get into storytelling with Character, Conflict and Clear theme to win plants and décor items to craft a terrarium of their choice.


    Terrarium challenge is time bound and the teams must build their terrariums with a great speed to stay in the competition and fight for victory. As this needs creativity and craftsmanship, teams realize the essence of passion and care.

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