Team DNA Virtual Challenge

Do you know what’s the preferred work timings of your team members! Do you know at what time they are highly productive and at what time they find it difficult to concentrate? Do you know how your team members prefer to receive feedback – do they prefer a face to face virtual meet or an email or a phone call? We are all humans with a preferred style of working, communicating, and connecting. Use the Team DNA Challenge to know your team and drive high productivity.

Icon Activity Type Virtual
Icon Best for team size 3-100 Participants.
Icon Difficulty Level Easy

Activity Details

Challenge: Before the workshop, participants are provided with Thought Bulb’s Team DNA Virtual Tool. The participants take time to key in their responses as per the details. Thought Bulb team extracts the details, and shares the profile of each member in the Virtual Training Session. The details are further discussed and the facilitator helps the team discover the differences and commonalities. The team experiences an “aha” moment when they go through each other’s profiles and understand the preferred way of working, communicating and relating for their team members.

Results: Participants get to know each other’s style of working in the new normal. The team members know exactly how to get things done quickly, while working in a team. The participants learn about each other’s strengths, preferred style of working and communicating, which helps in bonding as one team.

Debrief: Driving team productivity, working styles, effectiveness.

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