Symphony Dance Challenge

Participants are divided into groups, and they are assigned a musical note. Can they come together and make a Rhythm as one big team?

Icon Activity Type Outdoors
Icon Best for team size 10 – 500pax..
Icon Difficulty Level High

Activity Details

Challenge: Teams can’t succeed alone. They must collaborate, synchronize, and perform together to make a triumphant Symphony. Not only this, they must come up with creative dance performance with high energy. The different parts(teams) complement each other only when there is an equal contribution.

Results: Teams prepare and choreograph a musical performance. In an organization, different departments work, collaborate, and synchronize together to perform and give the best results.

Debrief: Collaboration, Team spirit, Creativity.

Activity video

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    Learning Outcomes


    Team Spirit


    Why Symphony Dance Challenge

    Table of Contents


    1. Creation of the Team Rhythm
    2. Teams dance to their own symphony


    Creation of the Team Rhythm

    Creativity is not the private property of any individual; it can be exhibited by any soul who can come up with an idea that can help in taking up unique challenges boldly but can yield better results with team work and collaboration.


    In Symphony dance challenge, a musical note is given to every group that participates. They all should collaborate and create a glorious concerto. After that, they also must give an electrifying dance performance which marks the end of Symphony dance challenge. The three outcomes of Symphony dance challenge are: Collaboration, Team spirit and Creativity.

    Teams dance to their own symphony

    Team spirit will be at its all-time high when the participants indulge into this crazy experience of choreography and dancing like there is no tomorrow. The value of team work is well understood and revolutionized in Symphony dance challenge.


    In order to create a delightful and conquering symphony, they have to collaborate and work together as a group. So, they realize the significance of collaboration with participants from varied disciplines and departments; as these efforts help in arriving at a winning combination.


    Creativity peaks when the participants put their best foot forward and create memorable dance sequences that tickle the innermost side of everyone’s spirit. The essence of synchronized team work and creativity is grasped by all through Symphony dance challenge.

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