Social Elf Challenge

The objective is to design creative schoolbags and shoes based on various fun themes in the given time and resources. Later, the bags and shoes are gifted to kids from a local NGO.

Icon Activity Type Indoors or Outdoors
Icon Best for team size 3-3000pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Medium

Activity Details

Challenge: Teams get assorted designing items to craft an attractive school bag. But it is not that easy! With limited resources, teams need to collaborate and exchange their resources, according to their themes. The last stage involves giving a presentation of their work to the judges.

Results: SURPRISE! These self-designed bags and shoes will be gifted to underprivileged children. Teams realize that their efforts (relating to work-place) often serve bigger purposes without their knowledge.

Debrief: The power of Purpose, Customer Centricity, Collaboration.

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    Learning Outcomes

    The power of Purpose

    Customer Centricity


    WHY Social Elf Challenge?

    Table of Contents


    1. Become a Social Elf!
    2. A powerful tool for Customer Centricity and Joy of Giving
    3. Your experience of Activity with Thought Bulb


    Achievements, glory and wealth are not big enough to quench our thirst to touch the sky. There is more to this. We have heard of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Shiv Nadar, Adi Godrej and many other big names in the global stage, who have been ruling the roost as successful entrepreneurs for the past 2 decades but also have managed to stay ahead of their contemporaries in philanthropy, benevolence and compassion.

    Companies must draw inspiration from these great humanitarians who never lost an opportunity in extending a helping hand to many NGOs and charitable organizations to serve a social cause. Why don’t we follow suit today?

    Become a Social Elf!

    Social Elf challenge is aimed at designing school bags and shoes for the underprivileged kids. This is an activity where employees feel motivated and come forward to take part, instantly.  Teams collect multifarious material to make unique bags and shoes with thought-provoking themes. Before the event concludes, the judges are given a presentation of how the work was carried out.

    A powerful tool for Customer Centricity and Joy of Giving

    Giving back to the society is a great gesture and your employees should not stay behind in doing this. Social elf team building challenge creates a great avenue to the employees to display the most sought after traits like compassion, social responsibility, benevolence and many more.


    The power of Purpose, Customer Centricity and Collaboration are emphasized through Social elf challenge.

    1. Collaborate: As explained above, the noble cause behind this challenge itself can drive the participants to collaborate and come up with the tools needed to complete the challenge successfully.
    2. Purposefulness: Creating something valuable for the needy kids makes them realize the power of purpose and motivates them to create interesting theme based products like shoes, bags, etc., followed by gifting them after the conclusion of the activity.
    3. Customer Centricity: It comes into picture as the teams strive to create the best while competing with the other teams to arrive at memorable products for the underprivileged kids. They are motivated to create the best, impress the judges and make the event more memorable by gifting the same to kids, later.

    Your experience of Activity with Thought Bulb

    Our team always stays ahead of many in the market to strive for a social cause while assisting employers to engage their employees for improving their interpersonal relations. Both the purposes are served here while creating an activity to engage the workforce and serving a social cause. We are never behind in contributing our bit towards social responsibility. We lead by example and collaborate with companies and clients to encourage them to extend their helping hands to support the underprivileged sections of the society. We will never let you down at any stage.

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