Showtime Challenge

Participants work in smaller teams to craft a funny stage performance or short movie on a theme that is given to them.

Icon Activity Type Indoors or Outdoors
Icon Best for team size 3-3000pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Medium

Activity Details

Challenge: Participants will have to earn Party Props and other resources for their team. They must discuss, collate ideas and come up with a meaningful yet funny story with the resources provided – based on the event theme.

Results: The activity sparks conversations, break barriers and ensures teams work together to craft a Stage Performance. The participants are awarded black lady awards – Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Story, etc.

Debrief: Executive Presence, Team Communication, Leadership.

Activity video

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    Our Client's Say

    Learning Outcomes

    Executive Presence

    Team Communication


    Why Showtime Challenge

    Table of Contents


    1. Its Showtime!
    2. Coming out of the comfort zone
    3. Creativity at its peak


    Its Showtime!

    We play our parts thoroughly by coming out of our skin, only when we are thrown into difficult terrains. Leadership is not an external entity but springs up naturally when situations demand. The biggest difference between successes and failures is the amount of communication that flows across various channels in most of the companies. Executive Presence, Team Communication and Leadership are the major outcomes of Showtime challenge.

    Coming out of the comfort zone

    Showtime challenge is a distinct activity that expects the participants to come out and play their parts as per the need of the hour. They must form minor teams with enthusiastic folks who must create a hilarious stage show or a theme (provided to them) based short film. They must win resources needed for their teams, brainstorm with all and weave a comic tale that makes sense to all while making merry.

    Creativity at its peak

    Showtime challenge kicks off interesting communication among participants who erstwhile were eclipsed with poor communication and lack of team work.


    Whoever volunteers and takes control of the situation to make the Showtime challenge a success makes his presence felt as an executive.


    Leadership is put to test along with efforts to break barriers in order to come up with a superior stage show.


    Black Lady awards for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Story and many more are awarded at the culmination of the Showtime activity.

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