Peek a Boo Team Challenge

To peek a boo into your team’s heart and mind and generate people and business results together.

Icon Activity Type Indoors
Icon Best for team size 3-3000pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Medium

Activity Details

Challenge: Using Emergentics Psychometric Profiling and proven interactive exercises, several teams have explored what it takes to connect at a deeper level. Developed through years of psychometric research, the Emergenetics Profile accurately measures three behavioural attributes (Expressiveness, Assertiveness, Flexibility) and four thinking attributes (Analytical, Structural, Social, Conceptual). The attributes are represented in a clear, colour-coded report, making it memorable and applicable immediately.

Results: Participants leave with a greater understanding of each other’s preferred thinking style. Also, they get access to an App & a Personal Profile Document.

Debrief: Empathy, Cohesiveness, Emotional Intelligence.

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    Learning Outcomes



    Emotional Intelligence

    WHY Peek a Boo Team Challenge?

    Table of Contents


    1. Reduce Stress by knowing your team well
    2. Emergenetics Psychometric Profiling
    3. Impactful Messages addressed by the Session
    4. Empathy, Cohesiveness and Emotional Intelligence are addressed through this challenge.
    5. Your experience of Activity with Thought Bulb


    Retention of employees has become a perpetual crisis for not just small companies but for the fortune 500 companies too. Employees are being expected to walk on a tight rope while meeting their high demanding job needs, striking work life balance and taking care of family demands. Like a cascading effect, all these daily challenges are impacting the minds of work force and they are switching jobs frequently in a search to find an employer who can give them breathing space to stabilize their work and personal lives.

    Reduce Stress by knowing your team well

    To reduce the stress and the employee turnover, companies are investing generously in employee engagement programs along with introducing flexi work time options, allowing them to work from anywhere, so on and so forth. These sops are supporting them emotionally thereby motivating them to stay with their employers while gaining work life balance.


    Peek a boo Team challenge is all about peeking into your team’s heart plus mind followed by bringing the people and business results together.

    Emergenetics Psychometric Profiling

    Emergenetics Psychometric Profiling is used in this activity where several teams indulge in a lot of popular collaborating workouts to connect at a deeper level. This challenge is a result of many years of psychometric research. The Emergenetics Profile processes three behavioral characteristics: expressiveness, assertiveness and flexibility; and four rational traits: analytical, structural, social and conceptual.

    Impactful Messages addressed by the Session

    The above-mentioned attributes in Peek a Boo Team Challenge are epitomized in a clear, color-coded report, which make them outstanding and appropriate instantaneously. The outcome eventually is that, the participants of the challenge disperse with a better understanding of each other’s interior thought process along with knowing each other more than before.

    Empathy, Cohesiveness and Emotional Intelligence are addressed through this challenge.

    1. Cohesiveness: Itis the missing aspect among workforce and teams across various companies today. Despite working in the same environment for years, some Utopian fears and insecurities force the employees to stay away from arriving at an understanding with each other to achieve wider goals and objectives at organizational level. Peek a Boo can help in tackling this to a great extent.
    2. Empathy: An employee can never become a great peer or a team member or a team leader till he/she empathizes with the deficiencies and pain points of the members within the team. As a part of this activity, they tend to get an inner view of the team members while understanding their strengths and weaknesses, precisely. This can help them in empathizing with each other and collaborating to build great teams and execute their common goals.
    3. Emotional intelligence: It is all about understanding and managing oneself while identifying the same in peers and teams. According to Daniel Coleman, building trust among teams, emotional management, conflict resolution along with self-awareness are inevitable to develop emotional intelligence. Peek a boo succeeds in achieving these objectives.

    Your experience of Activity with Thought Bulb

    We keep reiterating that we design and revolutionize employee engagement activities that can yield incredible results for employers. It is wise to invest in conducting these activities than spending a fortune in hiring new employees as you are not happy with your existing work force. Our activities are tested and scientifically proven; therefore, you can rely on us to support you in transforming your workforce into emotionally balanced individuals who can become your strength in driving your organizational goals.

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