Nuclear Punch

Teams must punch numbers in a specific sequence within a controlled space to win a three-round challenge. A test of team’s ability to adapt to rapid change.

Icon Activity Type Indoors or Outdoors
Icon Best for team size 10-100pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Intermediate

Activity Details

Challenge: Teams plan and strategize according to the rules to punch the numbers in the shortest possible time. Teams go through several rounds in a quest to adapt to the ever-changing environment. Teams need to communicate the change and its effects and alter the strategy accordingly, in one word they need to “adapt.”

Results: Teams understand the importance of challenging conventional processes and taking pro-active decisions as per changing business scenarios. The activity drives a strong message on communication and helps participants develop a growth mindset.

Debrief: Change Management, Communication, Challenging the process.

Activity video

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    Learning Outcomes

    Change Management


    Challenging the process

    Why Nuclear Punch Challenge

    Table of Contents

    1. Elements of the activity
    2. Challenge the process
    3. Why Thought Bulb?

    Elements of the activity

    Nuclear Punch challenge is a unique activity expecting teams to punch numbers in a designated order; that should be done in a measured space. Nuclear Punch challenge is a three-round challenge that must be won by teams. This challenge examines the abilities of teams on how soon they can shift to a quick change. The major outcomes of Nuclear Punch challenge are Change Management, Communication and challenging the process.

    Challenge the process

    Many erstwhile globally popular companies could not sustain the initial momentum they gained as they failed to implement Change management. Nuclear punch challenge highlights the need of Change management to win a test.

    Nuclear Punch challenge reiterates the benefits of effective communication as there is a need to communicate the change with its impact among the teams followed by coming up with spontaneous strategies to handle the situation.

    Challenging the process is another outcome of Nuclear Punch challenge as punching the designated numbers is time bound and the teams must encounter the situation with presence of mind and appropriate strategies while deviating from the conventional methodologies.

    Why Thought Bulb?

    The experienced team facilitates the activity to ensure learnings as an output. The trainer asks right questions and facilitates the experience relating it to the workplace. The experience sharing session is crucial as it gives more ideas to apply at workplace.

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