Participants battle it out in different teams and circuits using various weapons to smash their goals. Teams must shoot, break, blow the targets as one team in the shortest possible time.

Icon Activity Type Indoors or Outdoors
Icon Best for team size 10 – 500pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Low

Activity Details

Challenge: Teams must have a winning strategy to crossover a maze-like circuit that has different types of components and resources. Also, they must brainstorm on each other’s strengths for different types of weapons.

Results: This will derive a strong metaphor where teams visualize and believe that they can achieve their yearly goals together as a team. This activity enhances communication and breaks SILO as they understand that goals can be achieved as one team.

Debrief: Communication, Team Spirit, Strategic Thinking.

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    Learning Outcomes


    Team Spirit

    Strategic Thinking

    Why Nerf War

    Table of Contents


    1. Teams at war
    2. Strategize, Synergize and Shoot!
    3. Why Thought Bulb?


    Teams at war

    A Nerf war is a popular outdoor as well as indoor activity that involves Nerf Blasters or foam-firing toy weapons. The range of Nerf wars is quite extensive varying from casual shootouts in corporate environment to well-planned open-air combats with dynamic adapted blasters.

    In nerf wars, teams are formed with participants who combat against others with numerous artilleries to hit their targets. Teams have to break, blow and shoot the targets as quickly as possible as the time assigned is limited. They need to come up with a strategy to win in order to edge past a maze-like circuit that has dissimilar mechanisms and resources. The beliefs of the teams see them through the nerf wars.

    Strategize, Synergize and Shoot!

    Communication is the key to win this nerf war as every stage involves smart planning with close communication and execution.

    Team spirit is at its all-time high as the atmosphere looks like a real time war like situation where teams battle it out to win.

    In order to segregate the roles they need to take up and the weapons they need to choose; strategic thinking after brainstorming is done before arriving at a solution.

    Why Thought Bulb?

    An exciting war zone is the secret sauce for the activity. For teams to compete against each other a series of tasks are set up by the team of Thought Bulb. Needless to mention, safety is given utmost priority.

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