Mixology Challenge

Teams will be provided with their own Bar-Station with premium spirits and fresh ingredients. They have to make their cocktails with the help of our expert mixologist.

Icon Activity Type Indoors and Outdoors
Icon Best for team size 20-3000 Pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Medium

Activity Details

Challenge: Teams assign different roles such as bartender, mixer, Chopper etc. and invent new cocktails and mocktails with unique combinations. But this will not be easy; they have to earn ingredients from an auction. Teams must communicate and come up with creative mixtures and also present their drinks to the judges.

Results: Participants refresh themselves and experience a different atmosphere other than workplace. This activity is an excellent tool to break down social barriers and promote situational leadership. It enables teams to collaborate with other teams for new and innovative ideas.

Debrief: Leadership, One Team Effort, Roles and Responsibilities

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    Learning Outcomes




    WHY Mixology Challenge?

    Table of Contents


    1. How the activity is delivered?
    2. 3 Problems this activity can solve
    3. Your experience of Activity with Thought Bulb


    Failures have many faces and hence, today we will see how we can deal with them through our Mixology Challenge. In this indoor or outdoor team building activity, teams are provided with a Magic Box each, consisting of fresh ingredients, fruits and premium spirits. Using these ingredients and with the assistance of an experienced Mixologist, the teams need to concoct unique cocktails and mocktails. This activity tests a teams’ response during encounter with unknown situations.

    How the activity is delivered?

    Members of each team take up various roles and responsibilities like mixer, chopper, bartender and manager to take part in the activity. The intriguing part of this challenge is: it is not as simple as assumed because the teams must gain the ingredients needed for the activity by participating in an auction. This is a very unusual challenge that makes the participants work with each other to make unique and creative mixtures followed by impressing the Judges of the Challenge with the drinks. It comprises of Cocktail making team building challenges as well as Mocktail making team building challenges.

    3 Problems this activity can solve

    Most of the projects, associations and ventures fail because of lack of efficient leadership and poor communication. The glorious decline of mobile phone companies like Nokia and Samsung in the last decade raised questions over their leadership strategies. Although Nokia stood tall holding an enviable market share of 40% of the mobile phones’ segment, it ended up selling itself to Microsoft in 2013. This shocking turn of events was attributed to the failure of leadership and little collaboration among teams.


    Our Mixology challenge addresses the three major problems faced due to the missing traits: Communication, Collaboration and Leadership. The teams realize the advantages of collaborating and communicating effectively to win the challenge. They keep aside erstwhile differences among them and join hands to unite and strive to turn out victorious. The Team Challenge creates a different environment for the participants who feel refreshed and motivated to participate. This is truly a great tool that gives rise to situational leadership and timely collaboration for a united cause. The best part of the session is the Cocktail team building session, which the participants enjoy the most.

    Your experience of Activity with Thought Bulb

    The team of thought bulb always strives to present things differently for its Clients. Our team of experts in Mixology drives the challenge from the front. Cocktail team building sessions are very powerful to drive key business outcomes. Our expert will help the participants with the right ingredients to make different concoction.  They explain the stages of the activity to the participants and create interest in their thoughts to move ahead and take up the challenge. They inspire and lead by example which is why the participants do not feel hesitant to participate in the first of its kind challenge of their lives. We make the experience memorable, learning, and inspirational and thought provoking for all the teams and our Client. We are there to support you for all your needs.


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