Million Pixels Challenge

Participants must paint the image provided on a canvass, which is then put together with other canvases in a specific order to form ONE Giant Big Picture.

Icon Activity Type Indoors or Outdoors
Icon Best for team size 3-3000pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Medium

Activity Details

Challenge: Teams work together as ONE big team to achieve the overall mission. Participants must accept everyone’s point of view and work together to be in sync. The objective is to come up with ONE large mural that signifies the team’s success.

Results: Once the teams put together small canvas parts and craft one large canvas, they realise the power of connection.

Debrief: Big Picture Thinking, Visionary Mindset, Collaboration.


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Learning Outcomes

Big Picture Thinking

Visionary Mindset


WHY Million Pixels Challenge or Big Picture Team Building Activity?

Table of Contents


  1. Collaboration to win at workplace
  2. Facilitates Open Communication in a team
  3. Helps connect everyone to a single Shared Vision
  4. Million Pixels Challenge or the Big Picture Team Building Activity with Thought Bulb


We all go back to childhood time when we think about painting. The Million Pixels team building challenge or the Big Picture Team Building Activity gives you a ride back to childhood times. Painting is fun, it is more fun with teammates.


In the the Big Picture Team Building Activity teams paint canvasses and, in the end, bring all the paintings together to form one big image with a message. It derives important values such as Collaboration, Communication and shared vision. Let us see how these values are related to workplace.

Collaboration to win at workplace

There are different images involved and they have to be aligned for the big picture to make sense. Basically, the lines and colors of adjacent canvasses should match. On the similar lines, in an organization, alignment of different departments is mandatory to achieve the goal. Not only this, the teams must be on same page as far as the organizational goal is concerned. Hence, the indoor team building activity enhances intra and inter team collaboration.

Facilitates Open Communication in a team

In any organization, communication the final expectations from each individual is must. Communication makes life easier for employees, it clears doubts and questions the employees hesitate to ask. Communication with colleagues gives birth to new ideas that can be executed for better results.

Helps connect everyone to a single Shared Vision

As the firm expands, number of employees also expand. Every organization as a vision. Communicating the vision with each and every employee will ensure closely connect with the product and all the practices.

Million Pixels Challenge or the Big Picture Team Building Activity with Thought Bulb

Thought Bulb delivers this indoor team building activity with ace. All the logistics including paints, canvasses, stationery, safety elements will be taken care end to end. Enjoy your ride back to childhood with splash of colors and paints along with your team.

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