Lost Dutchman Goldmine

The Search for the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine™ is an internationally successful Team Challenge focusing on collaboration and communication. This highly interactive program addresses tendencies to hoard information and acts competitively when collaboration is more effective – and more profitable.

Icon Activity Type Indoors
Icon Best for team size 3-3000pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Medium

Activity Details

Challenge: This exercise is truly outstanding for a highly interactive morning or afternoon event. In 3 to 4 hours, participants get to play and then fully debrief the event and discuss real opportunities for improvement. It functions very well as a full-day program within a conference or as a specific training event on team building, leadership, and collaboration. Many organizations use it in multi-day training and leadership development programs.

Results: Players leave with tangible ideas for better communications, improved teamwork, and ideas for leadership.

Debrief: One Team Effort, Inter-team communication, Breaking Silo Mentality.

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    Learning Outcomes

    One Team Effort

    Inter-Team Communication

    Breaking Silo Mentality

    Why Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine?

    Table of Contents


    1. Important Messages derived by Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine
    2. Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine with Thought Bulb


    According to a very ancient legend, Lost Dutchman Goldmine refers to a gold mine hidden in the South Western United States of America, somewhere near Phoenix of the State of Arizona. Since time immemorial, human brains have been intrigued by fantasies and enigmatic happenings across the world. This state of mind in reality was the root cause of so many developments and advancements in the fields of Science, Education, Medicine and Information Technology. The curiosity to know more always is the key to break the mediocre and mundane Office lives.


    The Search for the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine is a universally popular Team Challenge which aims at collaboration and communication. This activity is extremely collaborative and speaks about the tendencies to store information. It turns economical when collaboration is more effective and more lucrative.


    This challenge is truly engaging to have during an afternoon event. As the activity progresses, participants utilize the opportunity to play and then fully interrogate the event and discuss to make it more interesting for all.

    Important Messages derived by Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine

    Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine Mine™ is loved by many as it fosters very important traits like team building, leadership, and collaboration among work force. Most of the organizations have this activity conducted during employee orientation, induction and for training future leaders.


    Three major purposes that can be served through this challenge are One Team Effort, Inter-team communication, Breaking Silo Mentality.

    1. Inter-team Communication: We need to emphasize again the importance of inter-team communication to attain maximum successes in executing global projects and in maintaining the good will with Clients. This reiterates the bond between clients and vendors thereby assuring future projects and more business.
    2. Collaboration: It is needless to say that team efforts are the key to successful business collaborations across various industries. Project Leaders and Team leaders can rest assured of fruitful results if the efforts are that of a team and not as individuals, as the juniors follow suit and future teams are built on the same lines.
    3. Coordination: Ars Digita is little known to the professionals today because of its failure before anybody could anticipate. It was way ahead of its competitors IBM and Oracle in the early 90s but failed to capitalize on its early success in the IT Sector despite possessing impressive Venture Capital. It died a very early death shockingly and all that was because of lack of coordination and collaboration. It was a classic example of silo mentality. Our activity aims at solving this dangerous trait that can ruin any great venture or concept.

    Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine with Thought Bulb

    Our team of enthusiasts in thought bulb continues to explore and come up with creative ideas to help the Clients in dealing with issues concerning their employees on various fronts. Our vision is to make your employees your trusted assets who can stand by you through your thick and thin. These carefully tested and proven engaging activities are bound to have a great influence on their minds in making them better resources for you.

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