Local Flavors Challenge

Live like a local. Experience various local flavors including delicacies, drinks, culture and traditions to connect well with the locals & your team.

Icon Activity Type Outdoor
Icon Best for team size 20-500 pax.
Icon Difficulty Level High

Activity Details

Challenge: Teams go through many local challenges, crack unique codes, puzzles to win the Ultimate Team Challenge. They take up real time tasks like bathe a buffalo, milk a goat, take ‘Feni’ shots, hitchhike on the way with the available resources and speed in execution.

Results: Teams come out of their comfort zone, build trust among themselves, become situational leaders in the journey. Participants leave with out of box and adventurous experience as One Team.

Debrief: Team Bonding, Handling Change Better, Problem solving

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    Learning Outcomes

    Team Bonding

    Handling Change Better

    Problem solving

    Why Local Flavors Challenge

    Table of Contents


    1. Taste of Local Flavours
    2. Explore with your team
    3. Why Thought Bulb?


    Taste of Local Flavours

    In their pursuit to supremacy, sometimes people ignore everything that happens next door and become oblivious to the local environment. In the local flavors challenge, teams go around relishing local flavors which include savoring native cuisines, getting to learn about local culture and heritage. This helps the teams to network with the people who are locals and understand more about the local life.

    Teams participate in various native contests; unlock unique codes and riddles in order to succeed in the Decisive Team Challenge. Teams indulge in incredible authentic challenges like consuming Feni shots (a kind of alcohol), bathing a buffalo, milking a goat, so on and so forth. These are completed with limited resources and within stipulated time. Local flavors challenge exposes the inner core of the participants.

    Explore with your team

    Team Bonding, Handling Change Better and Problem solving are the possible outcomes of the local flavors challenge.

    1. Problem solving is a definitive outcome of the local flavors challenge, as the teams are exposed to unprecedented situations where they need to act quickly by being away from their familiar zones.
    2. Teams bond a lot and start trusting each other in order to handle the critical challenges unitedly. The local flavors challenge demands the need for situational leadership.
    3. Due to the unexpected encounters throughout the challenge, the teams tend to transform themselves realizing that change is inevitable and that they need to learn to handle it cautiously and consciously.

    Why Thought Bulb?

    Undoubtedly, a complete package of learning elements and local experiences is the solution you’re looking for. Team offsites can be made more meaningful with exciting challenges and tasks designed by the team.

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