Haka Face Off

To prepare a thunderous haka war-cry as a team. The mission is to express your team’s strength with a self-choreographed performance.

Icon Activity Type Indoors or Outdoors
Icon Best for team size 3-3000pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Low

Activity Details

Challenge: During the first stage, teams must create their own flag, slogan and a war-cry performance as a team. The second stage is a face-off against the other teams to win the Haka Challenge. A test of energy, creativity and courage.

Results: Teams develop synergy and creative thinking skills to accomplish a common vision.

Debrief: Healthy Competition, Synchronization, High Energy

Activity video

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    Learning Outcomes

    Healthy Competition


    High Energy

    Why Haka Face Off Challenge

    Table of Contents


    1. Define your team
    2. Team Spirit is the winning spirit


    Define your team

    Haka originated in the land of Maoris or New Zealand. Haka face off is a ceremonial challenge performed by a group of people with strong foot tapping while shouting out. It is known as PeruPeru too, an emotional war cry to inculcate a feeling of courage and fear in the hearts of participants.


    In haka war-cry challenge, teams juggle to come up with a roaring haka war-cry. The purpose of this exercise is to proclaim team’s strengths with a presentation created by them. In stage one; the teams are needed to design their flags, unique slogans and war-cries as united efforts. Stage two leads to a face-off between teams to grab victory in the Haka Challenge. The major outcomes of haka war-cry challenge are Healthy Competition, Synchronization and High Energy.

    Team Spirit is the winning spirit

    Haka War-Cry leaves a complete scope for instigating healthy competition between teams to win the challenge.Haka war-cry challenge is a true test of the energies, courage and creativity of the teams and their participants. They strive to come up with unique themes to win the challenge.


    In order to achieve a common vision, teams come together and work with synchronization that helps them to go closer to victory.

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