Giant Puppet Challenge

Participants work in different units to create a larger than life ‘Puppet’ with the material provided. Once done, they must craft a unique Puppet Show, together.

Icon Activity Type Indoors or Outdoors
Icon Best for team size 3-3000pax.
Icon Difficulty Level High

Activity Details

Challenge :First things first, you cannot make it alone. For a giant puppet, you need your team to work on different parts together. Teams must be creative while designing a personality that can represent the theme and also come together to craft a story. These puppets will then be judged based on appearance, story, and creativity.

Results :Stories are a means of putting ideas into the world. Teams present their ideas in the form of stories and through these puppets. This clears the goals for individuals as a team.

Debrief :Creativity, Story-telling, Speed of Execution.

Activity video

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    Learning Outcomes



    Speed of Execution

    Why Giant Puppet Challenge?

    Table of Contents

    1. Innovation, Improv and Story-telling stitched together
    2. Giant Puppet Challenge with Thought Bulb

    We often receive calls from different call centres using the same script which becomes quite irritable and forces us to hang up on them, only because they sound so scripted and the intonation is far from missing. If we come across a different call handling, we would stop and listen to the call for the first time.

    There are numerous such examples of monotonicity and conventional methods. Giant Puppet Challenge is one of the tools that can be used to introduce and address the reason behind this practice. This indoor/outdoor team building activity is a fun and engaging session where participants build larger than life puppets using cardboards and other resources.

    Innovation, Improv and Story-telling stitched together

    Innovative approaches towards work: There are a lot of examples and quotes on innovation at workplace. Instead of reiterating them, this team bonding game focuses on innovating real time during action and at workplace. Assembling different body parts, limbs and blowing life into the giant structure requires creative mindset and a lot of analysis. Teams move to second stage of the activity where they create a small skit around the theme.


    Tell everything through a story: Stories, not only gives life to any piece of information but also helps the listeners relate closely. With the Giant puppets, Teams understand the art of story building and telling since they have to share information using creative stories.

    Infusing Improv for Team: As a team, participants contribute individual ideas to build a story and align the personalities of the puppets with their stories. This activity focuses on building on each other’s’ ideas rather than looking at them critically.

    Towards the end of the activity, the teams are judged basis their creativity like how your creativity helps you succeed at your workplace and the story that you connect with the puppet that you have created, shows how you want to inspire others

    Giant Puppet Challenge with Thought Bulb

    The creativity and innovation workshop by The Thought Bulb is about creativity, storytelling and speed of execution using the tool Giant Puppet Challenge. This is an activity that helps the employees know the connection between speedy execution and success (slow and steady does ‘not’ always wins the race). Give your team an innovative gift by conducting this session and changing their perspectives towards everything.

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