Game Show Virtual Challenge

Work from home has made it difficult for team members to connect and bond. Thought Bulb’s Virtual Game Show enables team members to team up and bond with each other over funny quizzes on unique subjects! It consists of a series of thrilling challenges, exciting puzzles and trivia questions to engage team members.

Icon Activity Type Virtual
Icon Best for team size 3-100 Participants.
Icon Difficulty Level Easy

Activity Details

Challenge: Teams undergo a rich combination of unique experiences in the Virtual Game Show. They compete against each other in an exciting blend of funny puzzles, pop culture murder mysteries, brand quizzes and mini challenges. Teams who score highest are rewarded with gift vouchers. And all this happens virtually, that means you can connect with each other across boundaries.

Results: The Game Show is an excellent way to engage your teams without any preparation or logistic requirement. Teams get to learn a variety of titbits on popular brands, trivia and puzzles. The activity also promotes out of box thinking.

Debrief: Out of box thinking, problem solving and teamwork.

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