Fun Trivia Virtual Competition

Is remote working becoming mundane? Explore fun trivia questions with your teams and put your intellect and problem-solving skills to a test! The trivia ranges from subjects like space to wild insects. This trivia engagement game will bring out the inner nerd in you while you break ice with your team members.

Icon Activity Type Virtual
Icon Best for team size 3-100 Participants.
Icon Difficulty Level Easy

Activity Details

Challenge: Participants are divided into teams on a virtual platform. Teams then must work together to pick the bits and pieces of useful information and solve trivia puzzles and quizzes. Teams get to solve interesting but unimportant facts about various subjects – anything from outer space to wild flowers to big data. The winning team with highest score is rewarded. The fun trivia can be customised to specific subjects of an industry, so that the entire experience becomes relevant to the participants.

Results: The misleading questions compel teams to consider the important and unimportant facts in real life using a similar approach. This activity also enhances problem solving skills and ignites a winning spirit in the teams.

Debrief: Creativity, problem solving skills, team working skills.

Activity video

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