The Food Truck Team Challenge

Participants battle it out in a face-off to cook a three-course meal together and craft a Food Truck at the same time.

Icon Activity Type Indoors or Outdoors
Icon Best for team size 10 – 3000pax..
Icon Difficulty Level High

Activity Details

Challenge: A three-stage challenge is designed that makes it an enriching experience for the group. The first stage involves teams allocating roles and responsibilities so that they can cook food and craft a large food truck from scratch. The second stage consists in putting together the food truck and placing the food items on the truck. Lastly, teams must brand their truck and sell their food items to other people. At last, the team that sells most wins!

Results: Innovative food trucks ready to sell lip-smacking food items. Best for your team outbound!

Debrief: Problem Solving, Creativity, Resourcefulness.

Activity video

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    Learning Outcomes

    Problem Solving



    Why The Food truck team Challenge

    Table of Contents


    1. Taste in the truck!
    2. Roles and Responsibilities
    3. Why Thought Bulb?


    Taste in the truck!

    A wandering human mind always craves for novelty and adventures in life. Such souls are inquisitive and thirsty about exploring new avenues. Today, we are going to understand why the food truck team challenge is popular among professionals. Problem Solving, Creativity and Resourcefulness are the three outcomes of the food truck team challenge.

    Roles and Responsibilities

    The food truck team challenge has 3 stages intended to give an elevating experience for the participants in the teams. Roles and responsibilities are allocated to the teams in the first stage, where they need to build a big food truck and cook some delicious cuisines. During the second stage, all the cooked food items are gathered and placed in the food truck. In the final stage, specific brands are assigned to the trucks by the teams and the food items are sold to others. The team that sells the most number of items wins the food truck team challenge.

    One of the major benefits of this activity is, teams get to exhibit their hidden talent in culinary skills and their creativity.

    They master the skill of problem solving during the food truck team challenge while striving to cook mouths watering foods and work hard to sell them to the people

    Resourcefulness is tested to the limit when the teams struggle in building a food truck which is not an easy job.

    Why Thought Bulb?

    The activity involves several complicated items to be arranged. The team of experts from thought bulb makes it all easy for you. Under our facilitation, you get to experience the best of the activity.

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