Everest Challenge

Participants pitch a tent blindfolded, while receiving special instructions from the safe zone. It’s about their survival, can they save their team mates before time runs out?

Icon Activity Type Indoors or Outdoors
Icon Best for team size 3-100pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Intermediate

Activity Details

Challenge: To accomplish the goal teams must try different ways to communicate while working as a team. The blind-folded team needs to be really quick with following instructions because they are working without any visuals. Teams must work in rapidly changing environment to pitch a tent. A true test of empathy and communication for the participants.

Results: Teams acknowledge the importance of communication to accomplish larger business goals. Teams develop trust and empathy with other team members.

Debrief: Empathy, Communication, Shared vision

Activity video

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    Learning Outcomes



    Shared vision

    Why Everest Challenge

    Table of Contents

    1. Empathy at workplace
    2. Important learning outcomes

    Empathy at workplace

    The word Everest reminds us of our very own Mt. Everest, which till date is the most sought after mountains for many global mountaineers. The very thought of conquering Everest triggers adrenaline rush in the bodies of trekkers and motivates them to embark on the journey. Empathy, Communication and Shared vision are the three outcomes of Everest Challenge.

    In Everest challenge, enthusiastic participants join together to pitch a tent while staying blindfolded. The only help the blindfolded team receives is minute to minute commands from a distant place. This is a time bound challenge which must be won at any cost without any visual support whatsoever.

    Important learning outcomes

    The first trait needed to win Everest challenge is effective and timely communication within the team. This will ensure them the victory.

    During Everest challenge, participants realize the significance of empathy and trust as they need to understand and support each other to sail through the toughest test.Shared vision is an obvious outcome of the Everest challenge, as the success of the entire party lies in coordinating with each other with shared thought processes.

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