Incredible India Treasure Hunt

Travel the lengths and breadths of the country on an epic journey to find the hidden treasure coins. Experience India in the true spirit with a gamified treasure hunt played in 40 rounds . Answer straightforward and more cryptic clues as you navigate from state to state, to earn more team points.

Icon Activity Time 45 minutes
Icon Activity Type Virtual
Icon Group Size 2 – 1000.
Icon Activity Level Intermediate

Activity Details

Challenge: Thought Bulb Team starts the program with Virtual Icebreakers to kick-start the show. This is then followed by the Activity Briefing where the Facilitator sets the context for the participants and introduces The Incredible India Treasure Hunt. Participants navigate through the treasure hunt story, answering clues and discovering culture of India. The teams can see the team scores LIVE on the Leader Board. Last but not the least the winning team gets the treasure!

Result: It’s a highly interactive Treasure Hunt that helps organisations celebrate Diversity and Togetherness. In addition, it helps participants appreciate the differences and commonalities we all have. The entire activity helps participants have a lot of fun

Debrief: Diversity, Collaboration and Fun.

Activity video

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